Nayib Bukele President Of El Salvador Celebrates a New Model of Prison Reform

News of El Savalador’s president Nayib Bukele passing a new law that circumvents Gang members rights in order to make sweeping arrests has attracted the attention many leftist media and watchdog groups that are are decrying human rights abuses.

The president was behind sweeping reforms for his country that addresses at one point the largest homicide rate in the world by going after the infestation of rampant gangs responsible for much of the crime committed in El Salvador. The announcement of a newly constructed maximum secured prison that is capable of housing 40,000 inmates is one part of his plan to make El Salvador a civilized society again by insuring that violent gang members will be captured and sent to prison.

Infowars did a special on this by showing the dramatic drop in homocides since 2019 and interpreting Bukele’s speech right before conducting a major sweep that arrested over 2000 more gang members.

Here is another video showing video footage of inmates and how compliant and orderly they have become since being processed into this new prison

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