Navy SEAL NOT Guilty!

A momentary respite from our culture’s slide into depraved crybullying ruin.


Fantastic news. I hope they now prosecute those who laid false charges against him.


This is excellent news. I couldn’t understand why a NAVY SEAL would have to go on trial for killing a friggin ISIS jihadi!


I know! :astonished: It’s hard to believe isn’t it. I remember hearing a pro-prosecutor idiot comment that the Chief had an attitude of violence against the enemy, I’m paraphrasing because I was so stunned at the asinine comment because in warfare you don’t shake hands like an athletic event before you engage, you kill the enemy by whatever means before they kill you.

All this demonizing of our Military, law enforcement, Border Patrol, ICE is the toxic hangover of the previous Administration.




Sadly, at least two of our more whacked out members here will be mourning this decision.

Somehow I’m sure we’ll find out there was a ■■■■■■ conspiracy to rig the jury before it’s all over too.

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That’s hilarious considering how Trump demonizes law enforcement…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I’m going to be sorry for asking this but what the hell are you talking about? How does President Trump demonize law enforcement?

You’ve missed all his criticisms of the FBI…:man_shrugging:

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Don’t mind the resident clown, he regularly suffers from TDS, so putting forth false narratives is his MO. He is trying to suck you into the non intelligent zone and steal your time! Don’t fall fall for it! Your time would be better spent talking to a 5 year old then with someone who is as mentally challenged as a snail!

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You seem to have missed the wake up call for your brain!

President Trump has never criticized the rank & file of the FBI only the corrupt higher echelon of not only the FBI, but the CIA and State Department all the agencies corrupted & criminalized by the previous Administration who was in charge during all the Russian interference in the election which is something that SWOOSH goes right over pin headed liberals! :roll_eyes::angry:

Damn, there’s very few conservatives that know how to debate without engaging in personal insults. :roll_eyes:

I can’t believe that you think that it’s OK to demonize the leadership of the nations premier law enforcement agency.


There are a lot more leftist who regularly obfuscate facts and insert their own version of them, something you do regularly here, you just can’t bring your self to admit it! Displacing blame on conservatives for your own lack intellectual honesty and understanding are the prerequisites of a fictional Novelist who peddles daily in telling stories and living in alternate realities!

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A dozen of his platoon members testified against him…:man_shrugging:

Redo the verdict? It matters not he is not guilty! Try again little one!

Weren’t they all crying about “weaponizing” the IRS when a bunch of their “groups” got their tax exempt status yanked? Oh the humanity! They love law enforcement, until they don’t. They love the troops, until they come home and they have to pay for their problems…or god forbid…employ them. They love the cops unless they have a reason not to.

And they call liberals snowflakes? :rofl:

To stay on topic. Now they are absolutely giddy that a straight up war criminal and killer got off with a slap on the wrist. Disgusting.

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Good for him! Now he can go back to his life. :smiley:

Yeah and “True the Vote” won in the end where the IRS admitted guilt by settling in a landmark case! Nice try by exposing more of your ignorance!

Oh, a settlement is now a ruling? Ok! Nice to see things are just as warped as ever in Trump’s America.