Nashville Bombing

Still early so lots to learn. The bomb exploded at 6:00 am apparently as first responders were on their way to the area after being alerted to an explosive device…

The bomb appears to have been in an RV, and seems that it may have been timed to go off as first responders were arriving, though at this moment we’re being told that 3 are injured…

Damn… the world is a mess.

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Christmas, Muslims are flooding our country… you don’t say


Gay, church, bank

Waiting for our resident dolt to show up and blame ■■■■■ :))

Exactly why the hell is J3W a filtered word? What the hell folks? There is nothing negative in can find in the word ■■■■ Let’s try this… ■■■■■■ …yup… a faith is filtered? How about Muslim? Christian? Buddhism.

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That is hilarious. Clinton is one that will forever be memed. :rofl:

Or maybe Karl


Ha ha ha! That is good’

Oh boy FBI is on the scene… absolutely no trust in them


If shabbos goys are saying it “preemptively,” it really must be the ■■■■ .

Don’t you have a Nazi rally to attend?

Forget the jooos! There is something much larger and sinister at work here!

I highly encourage you and others to read this. It is not coincidental that AT&T is at the center of scrutiny!

This is starting to smell!

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The more I look into this the more it’s becoming obvious that the RV with a sophisticated Sat link on the roof is a set up!

“If You Can Hear This Message Evacuate Now” very strange.

We ever find out the motive of the Las Vegas shooter? FBI sucks


FBI stands for fan belt inspectors.

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Nashville explosion, Baltimore explosion, Taiwan HCQ factory explosion…all within, what, 72 hours? Hmmm?