NASA says an asteroid twice the size of Big Ben will skim past Earth today

Well what a coincidence that the ‘space rock’ (christened 2009 BH2 and there’s even a pic to prove it) which is due to ‘skim past Earth’ today, should be twice the size of a bell in the Elizabeth Tower of Westminster at the very same time that renovations are underway which involve that very same bell? I can’t get my head around that; it must be a once in a zillion light years event.

(And to think there are adults who will actually believe it this crap? No names, no pack-drill, but TWR will know who I mean?) :roll_eyes:

Earth is protected.

If it’s only twice the size of a bell it’ll hardly make a dent in the ground/splash in the ocean even if NASA gets it wrong, and instead of skimming the Earth it actually . . . am I really writing this nonsense?

I get the impression that every time you go outside an asteroid is about to pass! :rofl:

" Earth’s Oldest Asteroid Impact Found in Australia"

I mean, so fucking what? What difference will it make to anyone’s life that 'the cataclysm occurred roughly 2.2 billion years ago, and might have catapulted the planet out of an ice age"? Another question - who the hell is dumb enough to believe, or even be the slightest bit interested in this never-ending drivel?

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So what’s the point of all the global warming angst if a mere space rock could undo any effort mankind could pretend to undertake?

I don’t get the point you’re making.

Maybe he is referring to “nuclear winter” of sorts.
Dust goes up, shields the sun and it gets cold.

I wonder if there will be any space rocks bigger than a pyramid skimming past Earth today? I’m just airing an errant thought!

Mostly you just seem desperate for attention.

No, that’s not what they are referring to. A nuclear/impact induced winter lowers temps, it doesn’t raise them.

The premise was that it altered our orbit enough to bring us out of an ice age.

You have become the spokesman for @Guvnah
That’s fine with me.

Gave me a chuckle.

Guv doesn’t need myself or anyone else to speak for him.

He just didn’t get the irony of it, did he!

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Does that look like space debris to you?
Not to me.

We really don’t know what’s out there, given NASA never tells the full story.

Since space debris looks like any other meteor burning up in the atmosphere yes, it looks like space debris.

I guess I live in your head.

Where the hell did that come from?

Latest news from outer space.

“Asteroid alert: NASA tracks a 110M rock barreling towards Earth - Close approach in hours.”

Crikey they’re coming thick and fast these days: but this one looks like the space rock which was barreling towards Earth but thankfully only skimmed us about a year ago, which looked like a snowman. Does anyone else remember that, and like I do think this one looks like a snowman too?

Have you written your will?

Thank Jupiter for taking (most of) the crap floating around.

Probably the asteroid is full of coronavirus. LOL

The nearest approach is about a hundred million miles from earth, we’ll be fine.

Any large object passing within 1.3 au is deemed an NEO.