Nasa chief scientist: 'We’re close to finding and announcing alien life on Mars....but is the world ready?'

They want to maintain public interest so that thier funding does not decline

What kind of dull mind will think humans are the ONLY intelligent beings in the solar system, let alone in the Milky Way galaxy?

There are archaeological finds that don’t match the accepted narrative:
“Life came into being out of the primordial soup on earth AFTER it was formed out of red hot whatever and humans evolved from Australopithecus only a few million years ago in Africa, etc.”

“Our” moon is a perfect observatory as to what’s going on Earth’s surface. Somebody is certainly watching us.

Mars moons likewise. When US and Soviet probes went near, they were destroyed.

:roll_eyes: Mars is a dead planet?? And what if there is life on it - how will that affect our lives? Give us an example of how it would affect yours?

It wouldn’t affect my life so much as others lives, because they will go through a tremendous shock to learn that Americans have been fighting wars with reptile and insect aliens for decades.

image Meaning where our sun & all the known planets are located. But at least we’re arrogant.

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image Our sun is the speck on the top left.

Earth, a small planet of a minor star, on the edge of an inconsiderable galaxy. But Oh how we fuck things up. Credit where it’s due.

Seeing that pic of the sun reminds me - how’s it going with that ‘probe’ they sent to explore the sun about a year ago. Did it melt before it got there? They probably didn’t think of that happening? :roll_eyes:

I can hardly read these British sites because of pesky advertisements.

Regardless, the sun is the other end of a black hole, dubbed white hole: whatever disappears in a black hole comes out of a white hole.
It’s a highway of sorts to travel fast between universes.

If there is intelligent life out there, shouldn’t we just leave them alone. Haven’t we already done enough damage? We cannot handle our own problems. Why drag some poor ETs into the mix? If we do make contact, no doubt our libs will blame conservatives for any screwups. I can see it now ( regulations ); does your spacecraft have an emissions sticker? No, well, until it does, you must use public transportaion.

We won the war against Hillary and Jeb.

Or did we???

I’m curious, what finds don’t match what narrative?

How were the scientific laws of bio-genesis and the Second Law of Thermodynamics suspended to create life from rocks?

How close to the Earth was the moon a few million years ago, or for that matter how large was our Sun?

And, where are the hundreds of billions (or trillions) of ape to human remains?

There is none. So called “missing link” has not been found.
Apes are apes, austropithecines are austropithecines, and they are not human.

We don’t know but the moon’s orbit seems to be fixed — artificially. Just like Saturn’s rings are being controlled artificially, so that they (consisting of crystals) don’t fly away.

The moon is older than Earth, meaning it was brought to the current position from somewhere else — by someone.

Like iron tools found from strata older than the Iron Age (about 1200 or 1300 BC)

You know, that’s exactly what THEY are saying.
According to the Sumerian text, THEY messed with human DNA big time, by mixing THEIR DNA into ours.

In case you’re not familiar, the ancient Sumerian text says “Gods” from outer space took primitive apes and created human slaves through gene modification.

I know; and it’s evident today. [

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Sitchin was one of the few scholars who could freely read ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts.

The gods in question are referred to as “Anunnaki” meaning “those from heaven to earth came” or space travelers. In the Bible, they are called “Nephilim” or “those who have descended” in Hebrew, but the narrative was changed.

The Sumerian text also talks about a great flood, and a man who was saved by one god called Enki because they were blood relatives. Enki told the man to build a ship because a big flood was coming. Sounds familiar?

Digi, have youbeen watching to many Outer Limits reruns??? Iguess some space ship towed the moon to its location and dropped it off.

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The moon is receding at a known, measured rate, about 3.5 cm/yr (1.5"). Just 1 billion years ago the moon would have been 16,000 miles closer to Earth. Tidal forces would rip the Earth apart at that distance. So not scientifically plausible.

Evidence of steel making and bronze we still can not replicate have been unearthed dating about 4,500 years old near the mountains of Ararat. Humans were highly intelligent millennia past. They accomplished engineering feats we still can not preform.

You would believe Martians (or whoever) traveled to Earth and reproduced with native apes to create humans but you discount an omniscience God?

The moon wasn’t there then.

Correct. Hittites are credited as contributors to the Iron Age.
What’s the age of this?
1.5 billion years

If you believe a geezer with white beard produced a man from clay, and a woman from his rib, yes.
(But why from “rib”? That’s a Sumerian pun. In their language, rib sounded like woman.)