Nasa chief scientist: 'We’re close to finding and announcing alien life on Mars....but is the world ready?'

I am. Are you? :laughing:

Note in the narrative the words ‘a population of a million people’. A population of people - now there’s a novelty? :roll_eyes:


They tease this every few years. I think the global population can handle the revelation of microbes on Mars. It’s not exactly War of the Worlds.


Yeah and the term “alien life” pretty much is an open interpretation to include any thing that is not of this Earth.


NASA is essentially peddling clickbait.


They just need to come out and say aliens are real and have been walking among us since the beginning.

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NASA is looking for more funding, plain and simple.


The human traffickers are getting creative these day huh. When are we sending humanitarian aids to Mars?

I’m OK with ETs, as long as they stay the fuck out of my garden. I have enough trouble with the neighbor cats.

We ARE the aliens. Any surprise there?

NASA is a political organization founded by a bunch of nazis.
(Operation Paperclip)

:rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile: I like it!

No contribs to this thread from TWR, Samm, and ‘the other one’ (forgotten his name now :roll_eyes: ) then. I’m surprised because they’re usually interested in stuff like this.

I would be impressed if they could first find intelligent life in Washington D.C.

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They’re probably from a crashed Martian space ship!!!

They would definitely have to extend their visas.

DC is run by foreign agents and dual citizens.

TWR only seems to post on this forum when he is on a time out from another message board.

Uh-oh. Now Jerry Brown will enter the Democrat primary just so he can be the guy who announces this discovery.

:rofl: It’s the same here, in Westminster. In the context, there isn’t much intelligent life in the BBC, because the BBC bigs up every word of nonsense which comes from the space industry, and hires ‘astrologists’ to comment on it. :roll_eyes:

Oh does he? Up to now I’ve been very impressed by how fast he responds to my posts - sometimes he’s *so * fast that he’s replied before I’ve even finished typing them. :open_mouth: How does that work?

BBC has psychics.
They knew the collapse of Building 7 thirty minutes ahead of the time.