Nancy Pelosi Tells House to Draft Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump

Our democracy is what is at stake,” Pelosi said in her solemn announcement.

But Nans we are not a democracy. And people actually vote for this village idiot.

undermining our national security

Exactly how is the possible??? It would seem that you not passing funding for border security is more of a threat to national security that Ukraine a country of zero importance.

Seem that the impeachment fiasco is jeopardizing the integrity of our elections.

Then why was Trump threatening Ukraine and pressuring them to investigate his political opponents?

I guess Fox News hasn’t been talking about this at all.

Prove that Trump was threatening Ukraine, no hearsay or opinion allowed. put up or shut up.

The transcripts of the call have nothing like a threat or pressuring them in any way. Did you bother to read the transcripts or is it more hearsay so common from the progressive leftists.

I guess that’s all CNN talks about a once great network transformed into bovine fecal matter.

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Well, there is that. There is also she is trying to do her own version of sign language . :rofl:

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Nothing but crickets from David,

Because they don’t understand Democratic Republic or Democratic Constitutional Republic.

This is a part of the mantra that we are a only a Democracy. What did Pocahontas say? She will be the last President elected by the EC and she will do away with it? :rofl:

Like hell she will. But the mouth breathers eat it up, so it’s all good.


Well, it is dinner time. Crickets may be the main course :wink:

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As an average citizen I don’t need to prove anything, the Democrats are doing a fine job of that already. Devin Nunes can continue to run around like a chicken with his head cut off and Jim Jordan can continue to wander around aimlessly without his suit jacket, but we aren’t falling for it and we will rid the White House of this scourge whether you cry about it or not.

I went to a steakhouse tonight and was served by someone who was clearly very conservative. I made then do countless silly little tasks for me the entire time. I left them no tip and laughed the whole way out the door.

I won’t have my money going to support racists.

Ultimately you lose when you resort to such childish petty behavior! You just haven’t figure that part of the equation yet! Passive aggression much?

I know you really struggle with sentence construction but I have to be honest with you and say that whatever it is that you typed didn’t make any sense to me at all.

So you can spew garbage everywhere and feel good about it.

Got it.

Maybe your monte in disguise as your hate is as evident as his. Maybe you’re members of the same cult.

I can tell that you’re very upset but you still didn’t refute any of my claims.

I know getting defeated in an argument is difficult, especially in public. Don’t beat yourself up about it though because you’ll have plenty of opportunities to lose again.

Right, go to the grammar Nazi as a defense mechanism, and of course it doesn’t make sense to you, because you are not evolved enough to understand nor comprehend, as evidenced by your incessant need to castigate anybody who you disagree with as being lesser than you. Your arrogance in general will be your undoing ultimately!

As someone who claims to be an attorney you should understand that grammar is very important. Words and punctuation have very specific meanings. You should try harder to hone your craft.

Yeah, OK, when you can’t focus on yourself and take responsibility for your own words, deflection is your best defense! If you want to have meaningful discussions with people here maybe try not insulting them first, which is more indicative of your true character here!

I’m happy to take responsibility for something, when I’m wrong.

When someone here can actually prove me wrong, instead of melting like a snowflake, then I will gladly eat my words.

So in your view, a conservative is a racist.

What do you call people of color who are conservatives and who plan to vote for Trump?

She waved her shell casing bracelet around and then this happens:

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Nincompoop Nancy hasn’t figured out we are a Constitutional Republic. If no one is above the law, what about those clowns ln the DOJ trying to SUBVERT the election against Trump.
David , where are your charges of Trump being racist. You’re still as BITTER about the election as the DEMS and HRC.This is why they’re wasting tax dollars on a PHONY impeachment instead of doing the job.They will all be crying when they loose the next election.