Nancy Pelosi and impeachment

I heard an interesting take on Nancy Pelosi’s conundrum, as regarding President Trump, on Outnumbered this morning. Essentially, it was this: Nancy Pelosi has been walking a tightrope, as her hard-left base deeply wants him impeached; yet that is–she knows–contrary to Democrats’ best interests.

However, what with Robert Mueller’s elucidation, today, as regarding his own report–plus a Republican defection recently (the libertarian–and quite iconoclastic–Justin Amash)–it may now be increasingly difficult to stay on that tightrope.

Personally, I hope that the Democrats do impeach–as I have mentioned previously, Donald Trump would never be convicted by the Senate (which would require a two-thirds supermajority). And the backlash against the Democrats would surely hurt them in the 2020 elections.

The counter-argument, of course, is that it would energize their base. And it would surely succeed in doing that.

But it would also turn off independents.

And I believe that the latter is of greater consequence.


The trials would be a great time to reveal the deep state.

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Trump, in the absence of a successful impeachment, will be re-elected. An unsuccessful impeachment will ensure the GOP regains both houses in 2020. The Dems have had the House for almost 18 months; they’ve done nothing of note for the country.

The GOP has no real platform other than let’s keep America Great - a vague, sure loser except that with a robust economy, that’s all they need.

The Dems have no platform except :
“we hate Trump
we hate his supporters
we hate the Midwest and its people
we hate the South and it’s people
we believe the whims of a made up gender are more important than your concerns for your children’s safety
we will saddle you with reparations
we will make you pay for all the Dem. run states that overpromised pensions to buy public employee union votes
we hate the police, and one of our candidates even got two NYPD heroes murdered, we also filled the stage at the 2016 DNC with mothers of punks who died trying to kill cops.
we hate ICE
we are always on the lookout for new ways to be offended and oppressed…
Through proxy organizations like MediaMatters and Indivisible we have armies of trolls who spend their days calling other people ugly names online…”

This is why Trump will win, not on his own merits, but by the nastiness of the other side…
Please Democrats, begin impeachment!


Nancy is soon to make her comments regarding Mueller’s comments public.

Nadler has already lied about what Mueller said and Nancy is likely to do the same.

Nadler mixed Mueller’s words with opinions of his own to make it seem as if Mueller said what Nadler created.

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And what did Muller say?

The Russians are innocent until proven guilty yet Trump is guilty as he dos not exonerate him in his report.

He clearly stated:
“It would be unfair to potentially accuse somebody of a crime when there can be no court resolution of the actual charge,” Mueller
The report itself proves that Mueller and his team don’t believe it’s unfair to accuse somebody of something a court cannot resolve. As he clearly stated in is report and comments.

And this is what the dimwits want to run with.

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I seriously dare the Democrats to try and impeach Trump. Not only will the Democrats face backlash in 2020, if Trump does win re-election, the Democrats will have no choice to work with Trump (in his second term). Impeaching him after his second term won’t go well for the Democrats. After they lost to him in 2020.

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Pelosi is under huge pressure by the same young upstarts she spoke so glowingly about after the election to impeach Trump, consequences be damned.

She knows it’s liable to be a huge loser for them going into 2020, she’d love nothing more than to be The Speaker Who Unseated a Sitting Republican History, but if they lose the house in 2020 she loses her power as Speaker.

It’s a conundrum for her for sure.


I think the Democrats are hurting going into the 2020 elections just fine without impeachment.

All they have going for them are promises of freebies. They are catering to the nutbags and no information voters. It’s all they’ve got.

The attacks on Trump reflect very poorly on them because it is obvious it is sour grapes.

They are also undermining the American people who voted for Trump (or insert anyone who defies their agenda) with obstructionism, especially when it comes to getting our border under control - which has been and is a real hot button for many. So you have a handful of leftists undermining what Americans voted for.

It will be a contest between the leftist nutbags, the no information voters and the voters who have a clue. Sadly, the nutbags and no informations are gaining in numbers so it is only a matter of time before we have a Bernie or worse as our President.

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All [the Democrats] have going for them are promises of freebies. [/quote]

Well, they do have one other thing: illegals coming across our Southern border. (This is why they do not want to do anything serious to stop this flow: Without these illegals, they could never win a national election.)

The predictive models are not looking god for them going into 2020 showing Republicans keeping the senate, regaining the house, and Trump winning.

That being the case it’s going to be an all out Battle Royale and the craziness is just going to get worse and worse.

That falls under the umbrella of freebies and it also undermines what Americans voted against.

The underbellies of the Democrats were exposed with the Kavanaugh hearings. Their fan base was exposed as being far left nutbags and it has been getting worse for them every time they open their mouths.

They are in serious disarray. Instead of coming to the middle they gravitate to the nutbags on the left and the no information voters to be their base.

We have a great economy right now and people are jumping off the democrat plantation in droves, thank goodness.

I wish you were correct BUT I do not see it that way , the voters on the fence and most of the religious groups will see a stain on his presidency and 98% of the media dogs Trump 24/7 . Many of the older Americans will perceive this as another rich guy getting away with a crime and we know all the braindead millennials hate conservatives . And how many of those 30,000,000 illegals with drivers licenses will make their way to the polls ? I pray you are right or we are DOOMED !!!

Being impeached by the House is like being charged by a grand juryand having a stacked jury that has already made up its mind. The “jurors” have already determined how they will vote.

Maxine Waters made up her mind before the 2016 election. She is the epitome of a low IQ Trump-hater.

Adam Schiff wouldn’t recognize fair judgement if it bit him in the ass.

There are hundreds of obstructionists and Trump-haters in Congress, willing to do anything whatsoever to take him down. They are butthurt that their Queen designate, the crooked bitch Hillary did not make it to the Inaugural Ball…along with her corrupt, lying husband, Slick Willy.

To hell with the Clintons…all three of them!

Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Honest to God, asaratis… I’ve never seen anything like it. They showed their true colors at the Kavanaugh hearings; the depths of depravity they stooped to were absolutely breathtaking in how vile they were.

Now, they are doubling down on the same with no apologies. They are nothing more than a lynch mob. Get in the way of their agenda and they will do their damndest to see you on the figurative swinging side of a rope.


…adding credence to the adage that liberalism is a mental disorder. They are NUTS!

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There isn’t a fair minded person in the US that doesn’t understand the whole push for impeachment is just partisan nonsense and an extension of the “resist movement”.

If anything impeachment is going to push even more people back to the center and right.

For all her faults Pelosi realizes this which is why she is resisting it.

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If you truly believe in socialism (for instance) and live in a socialist country then you are not mentally disordered. However, if you are a capitalist in a socialist country then perhaps you would be viewed as mentally disordered.

The thing is… people who live in America who want to “fundamentally change it” have no idea what it would actually be like to actually live under what they are asking for. Once here… there are no do-overs without a whole lot of lives lost.


Democrats took alarm at Donald Trump’s 2016 upset victory over Hillary Clinton because it demonstrated the falsehood of their belief that they were “on the right side of history.” If Republicans could win with a candidate as seemingly “extreme” as Trump, this suggested that Democrats had not only failed to shift the Overton Window permanently leftward, but also that a post-Obama backlash had shifted the range of acceptable policy to the right


The pendulum always swings to both extremes but averages in the middle.

Democrats have swung so far to the left when the dust settles it isn’t going to favor them as it settles center right.

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[quote=“LouMan, post:18, topic:2801, full:true”]
Democrats took alarm at Donald Trump’s 2016 upset victory over Hillary Clinton because it demonstrated the falsehood of their belief that they were [“on the right side of history.” [/quote]

I have always despised the phrase, “the right [or wrong] side of history.” It has Hegelian undertones–if not downright Marxist ones.