Muslim Doctor fired for making threats

After posting her hate tweet she was fired by the Cleveland Clinic.


Just how stupid can anyone be and not need watered twice a day like a houseplant?

A clinic employs and treats a wide variety of peoples. Most likely she understood diversity and social media policy.

Why is it so many see the First Amendment as place to embarrass their employer? Or just plain old fashioned diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain?!

Good riddance!

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I really don’t understand peoples’ stupidity regarding social media. It’s called SOCIAL MEDIA for a reason.

One idiot a few years back listed a particular college—I don’t think that education made him more tolerant—in his profile. If the college ishis employer rather than his alma mater, he may even with tenure be out of a job as his remarks were in the neighborhood of resurrecting Hitler to murder ■■■■■

Workmen’s Comp fraud, using a day that’s for intermittent medical leave for a social outing, it just amazes me what some are dumb enough to post with a listed employer in their profile. Oy, dogs and cats are far smarter than many humans.

Dr. Lara Kollab made a stupid decision by posting her hate for ■■■■ on Social Media. However, it turned out for the better for her ■■■■■■ Patients.

Her overall average patient rating is bad. Dr. Lara Kollab has been rated by 606 patients. From those 606 patients, 504 of those left a comment along with their rating. The overall rating for Dr. Lara Kollab is 1.5 of 5.0 stars.

So, she was not even a well-liked Doctor.

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So are we supportive of free speech or not? She said something that some find offensive. We don’t see liberals getting fired for being anti-white or anti-conservative.

I don’t see this as a debate over free speech. The Doctor was granted her right to speak freely. However, there are consequences for what we say. How long do we allow someone like her to continue rambling on about her hatred towards ■■■■ then makes specific threats before someone intervenes?

Participation award generation? Meet the real world we warned you about.

A doctor, threatening to give someone the wrong meds should be taken seriously. That isn’t a free speech issue it is a liability issue for the Hospital.

Do you think there should be the same consequences for those who say similar things about white people or conservatives? What about people who say similar things about liberals - or even Hillary Clinton?

I’m sure if this Doctor was a liberal and had said the same thing they too would had been fired.

That’s not what I asked.

I’m beginning to think using real names online isn’t such a bad trend after all. Weed out all the idiots, one tweet at a time.

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If in free speech, I work for Coca Cola, and in my “right to free speech”, in social media with Coca Cola listed as my employer, I say Coke sucks, drink Pepsi, should I be allowed to keep my job because of this right to free speech?

My free speech embarrasses or cuts into the earnings of my employer & I should be allowed to keep my job? How about being dumb enough to admit to something like cheating Workman’s Comp?

That’s not only gotten employees fired, but jailed. Free speech only guarantees not being penalized by government & does not exempt anyone from consequences elsewhere.

Here she is, “Doctor” Lara

She should not have put herself in such a position by openly posting her hatred, which probably extends to nonwhites, online.

Here’s more

This woman’s views go against the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. Not only that, she’s too dumb to realize, as a graduate of an institution run by ■■■■■ she bit the hands that fed her.

What a piece of shit !!!
" her medical license remains active. Issued in Cuyahoga County in July 2018, it is valid until June 2021." I wonder if she was a white male would the same apply ??? :roll_eyes:

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Revocation of medical licensure, as shown with nurses, isn’t common:

See can you find a copy of “Blind Eye”, about Dr. Michael Swango, for revocation of physicians’ licensure. A beautician’s license is easier to revoke.

I dont think free speech protection applies to this woman, she is an idiot, Im guessing she forgot the hippocratic oath.

The fact that she hates ■■■■ and is a muslim is irrelevant, The hospital in this incident was right to terminate her because she flat out said she would have given the “dogs” the wrong medication.

That is a no no, you are considering doing harm to another person and violating your oath.

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But was her license to practice revoked???

Agreed. Can you even imagine the liability she poses to the hospital?

I’m very happy she was fired. As far as I am concerned an oath means everything. You can tank and suck up all of your years of education and debt because you violated your OATH. Your word. Your bond. To put your personal beliefs secondary to what you swore to do which is to do no harm.

I hope she loses her license. She doesn’t deserve to have one.