Multiple Victims Killed by Angry Black Democrat in shooting at Government building in Virginia Beach


Police have responded to reports of an active shooter at a municipal building in the city of Virginia Beach. Scanner traffic suggests multiple gunshot victims and at least two dead, but that has not been officially confirmed.

Local police have confirmed an active shooter situation at Building 2 of the Municipal Center, with “multiple injuries.” They believe there was only one shooter, who was taken into custody. The public is advised to avoid the area.

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If the suspect is in custody why haven’t they released any pictures yet?

11 victims dead…6 hospitalized…6:49 PM EST

The shooter is also dead.

Any word on the identity of the shooter? I’m in my truck right now an my radio is busted. I got this speech to text working good though.

It was an employee of the city (Public Works) at the Municipal Center. No names revealed yet…of victims or the shooter.

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I’ve been shot in a civilian setting. The thing I always think about is “the survivors”. Bullets ripping through your lung and back and abdomen, hitting bones and ricocheting… you don’t “survive” without surgery, ICU, and months and months of recovery and a lifetime of some impairment even if only from the effects of scar tissue and bad dreams. I was relatively lucky, small caliber and a capable surgeon … and the hand of God. But now when I hear about “survivors”, I know that does not mean they will go home tonight.


Thanks for that bud. That is a real sorry way to go on a Friday afternoon. Some asshole coworker takes you out because they suck at work. Won’t be long now before David Hogg is out on the scene demanding that all our guns get taken from us.


Dang did you get shot at work? I got a stupid friend who accidentally shot his brother in the ass when they were out hunting. Actually blew out a good little chunk of the front of his leg. He’s alright. Got lucky and didn’t hit no arteries or nothing.

It was a public setting. A wacko shooting…not an accident. People screamed and were mostly afraid to come to my help for fear they would be shot. Some woman helped me though until the ambulance came. I almost bled out before I got to the operating room. Had a surreal trip on a medevac helicopter.

I won’t get into details of the setting since it was unique enough that one could likely ID the specific incident with more info.

The bullets were in critical locations so they just patched up my innards without cutting in deeper into nerve areas to remove the bullets.

They are still there. Many years ago.

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I’m so sorry that you had to go through that, Ish. :heart:

Just as I am sorry that innocent people who were targeted by this wacko won’t be going home to their families tonight… or ever.

“Disgruntled” employee?

Would they not go after specific people instead of indiscriminate killing?

Something does not fit.

It’s getting to the point where these things happening aren’t really worth reporting on. Soon enough there’ll be “weekly happening roundup” threads where all 11 truck bombs, 27 shootings/assassinations, etc are collated and kept track of. Won’t even be worth making separate threads.

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Here is the info on the BLACK shooter

Dewayne Craddock is 40 years old and was born on 10/15/1978. Dewayne’s Reputation Score is 2.77. Dewayne Craddock currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA; in the past Dewayne has also lived in Newport News VA. Dwayne Craddock, Dewayne A Craddock and Dewayne A Hamilton are some of the alias or nicknames that Dewayne has used. We know that Dewayne’s political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat; ethnicity is African American; and religious views are listed as Christian. Dewayne’s relationship status is married. Other family members and associates include Katrina Glascoe, Mary Glascoe, Shanae Foster, Dane Young and Tabitha Atkinson. Dewayne’s annual salary is between $30 - 39,999; properties and other assets push Dewayne’s net worth over $25,000 - $49,999. View All Details

Birthday: 10/15/1978

Political Party: Democrat

Ethnicity: African American

Religion: Christian

Income: $30 - $39,999

Net Worth: $25,000 - $49,999

Relationship: Married

Kids: Info Pending…


Current Home Value: $121

Home Purchase Price: $121

Police update airing of Fox News right now (9:45 PM EST)

Now 12 victims dead.

De Wayne …

Well, it didn’t take long for making this shooting (like all the other shootings in the past) a political circus. Let me guess…“Let’s take away the guns!” Lol

Press conference was not very informative

The overplayed their hand too early. Twitter was flooded with comments saying that the shooter was a white man and that they need to take guns now. Turns out it was a pissed off black Democrat with a gun in a gun free zone.

Did he only kill white people?

I am glad I am not on Twitter. Lol
And I wouldn’t doubt it. It should piss off the Democrats…whether you are black or white.