Mueller wiped all text messages from Peter Strzok's phone

The Inspector General report below states that the Office of the Special Counsel destroyed evidence on Peter Strzok’s phone by wiping all data AFTER firing Strzok for bias but BEFORE turning the phone over to the Inspector General.

The Inspector General used other investigative means to find the wiped text messages.

This seems to be destruction of evidence in anticipation of investigation. It is unclear how the Special Counsel’s investigation can continue or any of its conclusions respected now that the Inspector General has officially determined that the Special Counsel has been destroying evidence of its own bias.

OIG Report attached below:

i-2018-003523.pdf (3.3 MB)


Funny - I thought Robert Mueller was supposed to be above reproach. That’s obstruction of justice. I’m not even a lawyer and I know that. What’s his excuse?


Mueller will say he saw nothing of value and turned the phone in for processing, wiping, and re-issue.


Is going to love this.

Mueller is just as crooked as they come. His one and only goal has been and will continue to be the destruction of Donald J. Trump…because Trump is messing with the cash cow of US Professional Politician system.

Mueller is a despicable person and does not deserve taxpayer money as compensation for his biased bullshit investigation.


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it once:

Those like Mueller, Comey, etc. exist to protect their beloved organizations. Generals are the same way. They would burn this country down to protect the FBI (or branch in the case of Generals).

They truly believe the country cannot exist without them. We are cattle. The real country is in DC.

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What mystifies me is how people who have been around the block in DC, like Sessions or Gingrich, didn’t know enough to warn Trump about this. It can’t have been all that much of a secret that Mueller would be trouble. Another reason to let the hounds go on Rosenstein, he’s put enough knives in Trump’s back.

That appears to be one of Trump’s biggest weaknesses - not knowing how deep and widespread the backstabbers are, and not getting good enough people who do know. Maybe there just aren’t any good people, they’re all dirty backstabbers and his situation is hopeless.

edit: one possibility I overlooked is that maybe Trump is an unlikeable dirtbag himself, and the people who could warn him just don’t care enough if he gets stabbed in the back.

Even thou Horowitz found those missing emails don’t expect much to come out of it. Specially no indictments because he can’t indict…that’s why we need special counsel/grand jury.

Whether or not new AG will do it I don’t have any faith.

Also keep in mind last Horowitz reports had 540 pages of political/investigation biasism within CoJ/FBI but yet he said there was no bias.

He pulled a Comey.

And he will do the same here. It’s how they protect themselves. All but admit a crime has taken place but it’s not prosecutorial.

And lets not forget Rod “the Weasel” Rosenstein. He signed the forth FISA warrant. This is 9 months into investigation and they still couldn’t validate dossier.

So it’s either they’re extremely incompetent…or worst criminally abuse of power.

So which it it?

I think it’s obvious that they are competent. Mueller has assembled the a sleazebag full of devious lawyers well practiced in hiding exculpatory evidence and extracting perjury charges based on witnesses remembering slightly different versions of what they already know to be factual, then pressuring witnesses to plead guilty to lying to the FBI.

They did this to Flynn.

The best way to protect the FBI/DOJ would be to remove the cancer.

You are right though at the highest levels of both the military and fed/gov it’s about protecting each other and I believe that far exceeds any desire to protect their organizations.

They are certainly extremely competent at destroying innocent people’s lives.

They don’t believe there is a cancer to remove.

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From your link:

From the OP:

Which is correct?

Well both . The Federalist reported the DOJ DESTROYED many missing texts BEFORE the IG could review them . And this is Dec. 18 ,2018 news .

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Yes. I just heard on the news that the 19,000 texts that the IG found were not the ones Mueller had scrubbed.

I also heard than an IT group has offered to help the IG recover the latter. How, I do not know…because when it comes to sophisticated IT forensics, I am dumber than a box of rocks.

He is probably not going to get charged, let alone investigated, because Congress is controlled by Democrats. It still blows my mind that this many people can be delusional and corrupt enough to buy into this BS and support it.

I suppose Conservatives could take a grassroots approach, take matters into their own hands by trying it in local courts. I don’t know how effective that will be, though.

I might of hit my head, and if I did I apologize, but I’m pretty sure the GOP has had control of Congress for the last two years. As for the rest, I certainly agree. Trying to get republicans on the same page is like herding cats, unfortunately.

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That is incorrect. The Republicans have had a majority, not control. A lot of these measures require more than a simple majority.

Some of them certainly know it and are doing their dead level best to bury it.