Mueller wiped all text messages from Peter Strzok's phone



Somehow Mueller is above prosecution or sanctions for destroying evidence in his own case.


Because of the narrow majority in the Senate, the Republicans haven’t controlled it except when only 51 votes were needed to prevail. Many votes required 60 votes.

Schumer has been controlling the Senate…with the help of assholes like McCain and Flake.


Some folks simply don’t understand how our gov’t, particularly the Senate works.


Thankfully though some of those arseholes have stood up and declared that they’re not going to let this go on for any longer. Hence Graham. McCain is gone (I’m glad that he’s out of the Senate, but it’s unfortunate that he died. I would not wish death upon anyone). Hopefully with these revelations in the Senate, along with the election of more Republicans who are willing to work with Trump, there will be a lot smoother sailing.


Or possibly that they wanted to warn Trump but were afraid Trump would rat them out as snitches to the bigger swamp. And then they would face the wrath of the swamp.

Trump: "Sessions told me that… "

I’m a Trump presidency supporter but I’m afraid Trump might do something like that…


She was just a kid.