More Alien Cultural Enrichment -- Animal Rape

ICE detains convicted dog rapist for deportation hearing

And Sanctuary Let Him Go… !!!

Federal immigration officials made a point of announcing Tuesday that they had tracked down a convicted dog rapist at his home earlier that day
Multnomah County jailers released him last month without alerting them as requested.

It was the latest volley in a yearslong fight between U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. ICE wants the county to let it know when undocumented immigrants are scheduled to leave jail – or as an alternative, hold the inmates for up to 48 hours.
The county says it can’t do that.

He [Lopez] was sentenced to three years of probation and 60 days in jail on April 8,
but was let out of jail immediately because he had already served the time leading up to his sentencing hearing.

In this case, ICE spokeswoman Tanya Roman said 52-year-old
Fidel Lopez is an
“illegally present Mexican citizen”

Note In This Original Story
No Mention Of Lopez’s Immigration Status
Portland man accused of raping dog that had to be euthanized due to internal injuries

Not In This One Either
Man who raped fiancee’s dog gets 60 days in jail: Judge wishes he could’ve given him more

Being Left Out By EVERYONE Except ICE ??

And he seems like such a fine upstanding member of society…


The Articles Graphically Describe His DACA Dreams

The only thing that’s going to work to get rid of these animals is forced physical removal. They aren’t civilized. They won’t leave on their own. They do not fear the law or worry about the consequences of their actions. Our worst prisons are better than the towns and villages they grew up in.


This is what’s in store once dems gain control …


Can’t wait for the non -stop 60 MPH train to Seattle !!! :sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face:

Beastiality has been going on in the US since before the US was even a country.

On the list of crimes committed by illegals this is pretty minor.

Being Left Out By EVERYONE Except ICE ??

And Don’t Forget
He Asked His Girlfriend To Buy A Bigger Dog For The Job
So It’s Not Like He Was Sneaking Out To The Chicken Coop

Well, it’s pretty irrelevant. The last thing the democrats and their willing accomplices in the media want is to draw any correlation at all between illegals and crime.

Dog Rapist? I didn’t know there was such a thing. Then again I wouldn’t be surprised to find this as common occurrence among the Muslims.

Since animals cannot legally consent it’s always considered to be rape.



Actually Muslims consider dogs unclean. Dogs are slaughtered in many Muslim countries. Sometimes buried alive.

That is true, I didn’t think about that at first thought. Nevertheless, this is just some sick weird shit!

Due To Outcry
Mo Made An Exception For Working Dogs
Don’t Remember His Position On Cats

I Prefer Cats To Rodents

Probably just as common among Christians.

Bestiality is not confined to one religion or culture.

I am sure I could find an equivalent story of a white proud American.

Why is it that an outlier story is posted as proof of how an entire religion or section of society is perverse.

The Guy Is From Mexico
Then He’s An Apostate Catholic
Good ??

So Why Did None Of The News Reports
Tell The Public He Was An Illegal Alien ??
News Reports Aren’t Bound By Sanctuary Policies

And He Was Cut Loose Immediately After Sentencing
Even Though County Authorities
Already Had Been Notified By ICE
Lopez Was Slated For Deportation

White and Christian are in no way synonymous especially today with few than half of white Americans regularly attending any church or practicing any faith.

Even the majority of those who claim to believe in God fail to even attempt to follow the scriptures/law, or Christ’s teachings.


Poor croc, she was only acting in self defense.