Moon Hoax - did we really go?

Remember that next time you need an MRI, CT Scan, Bone Scan, or fire up your microwave, use a computer or wash clothes.

All of those are spinoffs from the space program. The gyro that keeps your washing machine from flying apart during the spin cycle is even a spinoff from the space program.

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Yes, we landed on the moon.


“The gyroscope was invented in 1852 by the French experimental physicist Leon Foucault (1819-1868) as part of a two-pronged investigation of the rotation of the earth.”

I don’t think there was a space programme in the 1800s? :roll_eyes:

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The gyro he invented is not the gyroscope used to keep missiles on target, it’s more akin to the toy gyroscopes we had when I was a kid that we’d wind up with a string and watch it stabilize like a top.

That isn’t the moon, it’s a close-up photograph of part of the Gobi Desert. I know that because I’ve been there, and recognise it. I’ll admit that it has changed a bit though, since I was there.

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Pure BS on your part.

The Gobi is not strewn with leftovers from the moon mission or pockmarked by hundreds of meteor strikes.

They’re not impact indentations, they’re raised parts of the territory. Bit like molehills?

A bit like a steaming pile of bullshit.

All of the Apollo landing sites have been seen and photographed by satellites, particularly the Hubble.


What just because NASA has added ‘information’ to routine photographs of some waste ground is enough to prove they’re genuine astrological locations? Is there nothing you won’t believe?

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FWIW I think the moon landing was a Kubrick con job.
Too many things just don’t add up.
But for those who know me I am one of the original conspiracy nutjobs - there are only 2 things I believe on TV for instance - the weather report and the football results

8 things that don’t add up

I’ll believe facts over the manufactured BS you keep posting on the subject.

There’s so much BS in that article it’s nauseating.

The flag isn’t “fluttering in the breeze”, it’s showing the fact it was rolled for storage and there’s an aluminum horizontal bar across the top holding it out.

NASA has been claiming for decades that it is nearly impossible for astronauts to see stars, but now the Astronomy Picture of the Day admits that without an atmosphere, we would see stars even when the sun is shining.

And guess what? - the usual suspects are involved here too.
Armstrong foolishly chose to work with Zionist criminals, and as a result, he wasted his life hiding from the public and feeling guilty. He ruined his life for a group of criminal Jews.

You have a good point - if we did get to the moon what’s the point of harping on about it; and if we didn’t, then why keep insisting we did?? We’re living in the age of fake news and self-serving dissembling and propaganda, so we may as well get used toi reading unprovable drivel like this.

And as to going to a dead planet at the far end of the universe, on which we couldn’t survive for more than 3 minutes never mind for the rest of our lives without wearing a space suit? I mean only a gullible fool would fall for that one. Who TF wants to live their entire life dressed up as a spaceman?

I don’t know if I’ve already said this on this discussion site, but one of my signatures is ‘The bigger the lie, the more there are who will believe it.’ and it’s true. A similar one is based on something Goebbels said, which I paraphrase in my own words: ‘Make the lie a big one, keep on repeating it, and very soon the gullible masses will believe it every word.’ The Salisbury/Novichok charade is a good example of that??

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Your Cyber date would remain lonely without a way to interact with her online and those GPS satellites in orbit up there telling you where to turn to get to (presumably) her arms and charms.

And when you call her to arrange subsequent trysts, it is more than likely you use a cell phone.

Americans didn’t go to the moon on Apollo 11.
But there were of course other missions which were not given names.

“We didn’t go”
From the horse’s mouth

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Complete BS, NASA has never made such a claim.

The only time they wouldn’t be able to see stars is when their sun visors were down to protect their eyes from the unfiltered sunlight.

The reason the stars didn’t show up in most of the still photos was simply due to the aperture and exposure settings of the cameras and the very limited dept of field.

Even someone with a minimal understanding of light and photography would “get it”.

If we didn’t land on the moon do you think Russia would have remain silent?

They tracked our spacecraft and back.

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