Monte's Identity Revealed in Newly Secret Video Release

I respect your opinion on the crust, I just have low tolerance for people who are intellectually dishonest, purposely obtuse with most of his posts and its often with an agenda that he comes here to antagonize people in order to satisfy his own need for attention. He regularly responds to people who have since been banned in a vane attempt to remain relevant in the discussions he pretends to care about. Sorry, I have been here long enough as well as others here have to know that Montecrusty is nothing more than a low info voter who loves to clown himself on most issues while promoting his own brand of hegemonic SJW STATS in order to play the contrarian on most issues being discussed here. He is a moron and is part of the problem and not the solution that ails this country’s ills! His TDS while ignoring specifics of policy issues as to why Trump’s voter base elected him to office in the first place is not based on objective points of views but emotional responses to satisfy his already confirmation biases while continuously denigrating people who are conservatives and voted for Trump. He offers no value here on that basis, and resorts to hegemonic adversarial poses of the "we vs. them to justify his already biases disposition like most of the leftist Progressives that post here. On those grounds I don’t think that Monte or any other progressive leftist for that matter that post here are good people. When one is purposely dishonest in order to want to support an opposing view just to satisfy emotions rather to be objective and honest with facts, then they are consciously making a decision to lie and misrepresent the subject matter being presented in various posts. Essentially they are morally compromised based on personal values that they represent and believe in therefore are corrupt by denying common decency standards to which a society is suppose to uphold and agree upon as being supportive of the country that they live in. IMO Montecrusty is not a patriotic American but someone who hates America and anything American. He has demonstrated this positional view on several occasions here, and therefore is no countrymen of mine, and deserves the ridicule that he regularly solicits here. I despise such people and its people like Montecrusty that represent the biggest threat to our country’s future, our values, our way of life therefore must be defeated at all costs! Just my .02 and while some may disagree with me, until Montecrusty can prove that he is capable of changing how he interacts with people here I will always remain skeptical of his posts. Trust and respect is not automatically given, it is earned, it goes both ways, even to a laymen these are basic values that are recognized as common simple truths in how one should govern their interactions with others even when you disagree with them ideologically.

Mont is really a disgusting opinionated person that researches nothing and for the most part posts his opinion and pretends it’s fact.

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You strill haven’t explained your transformation? Are you having regrets on your gender reassignment surgery? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The waa waaa of the Clown Montecrusty is hilarious to watch the meltdown clown!