Monsieur Macron Retreats



Seems like if we’re comparing French and Americans in terms of their response to unpopular government actions, the latter have been passive.

Hell, 64 million Americans voted for Trump, ostensibly because they were tired of business as usual, but they seem remarkably satisfied to let him continue on with the establishment as is, and even sit by while he himself takes advantage.


Nothing speaks freedom louder then armor vehicles rolling down the street to force compliance.

True freedom is we the people would have the tools necessary to take out those armor vehicles.

Notice how the balance of power is shifting/titling towards the state as new tools come on line.


Don’t shift the topic.

You asked “How were you forced?”

I answered. Now are you going to agree or disagree with my assessment?

Was it forced or not?


I do not disagree that you had no choice in the bill being passed.

Your turn - what has your response to this forced move been? To vote for Trump? How did that work out? If Obamacare is still forced upon you despite voting for Trump, what are you doing about that?

This isn’t a shift of topic, given that you yourself brought up people being well armed:

Americans have the guns. And yet French seem to be the ones actively resisting their government’s actions.


I didn’t have a choice, which is usually what happens when one is forced to do something or accept something.


That’s a fair point. We tend to use the political process to effect change; however, that process no longer appears to be working.


Damn right we had no choice…I’ve even lost my coverage that I was paying for nearly 10 years which suited my needs just fine.

Yes…but options or replacement hasn’t been implemented. And that is the fault of repugs. They failed big time. And thus in part they paid for it in midterm.

It’s was the topic of OP was it not?

When I address you I was answering a direct question.


The political process is working, just not for the people. Trump was supposed to change that, but he has turned out to be just another self-absorbed elitist full of empty promises while he continues to enrich himself. I am thoroughly disillusioned with him and the so-called conservative media figures who continue to carry water for him


I also think that’s a fair assessment. A lot of us are getting black pilled but that’s not a reason to give up. We just need to recognize and honestly talk about how we have been misled.


True, but now the cities where immigration has had terrible results over the last couple of decades have found themselves with allies in the rural parts of the country over the gas/diesel tax so they have essentially joined two disparate groups together in opposition to the overall progressive agenda and their “anti Movement” seems to be gaining rather than losing steam.


PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron will address the country on Monday as he seeks to placate “yellow vest” anti-government protesters who wreaked havoc in Paris this weekend.

Oh I can’t wait. The suspense is killing me. :laughing:

Why do I get this felling he’s going to inflame the situations even farther?


McCains dead no great loss.

Congress passes laws not the president.

And the democrats dumped this garbage heap on the country. Wasn’t;t it a democrat that said you could keep your insurance? Wasn’t it a democrat that said you will save 2500 on insurance? Wasn’t it a democrat that said you could keep your doctor?
Wasn’t it the democrats who increased taxes on the middle class to pay for this trash?
Wasn’t it the democrats who said the ACA wouldn’t increase the debt???
June 2013:
Obamacare will increase the long-term federal deficit by $6.2 trillion, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released today


And as Americans will soon see, putting the idiots back in charge in January will certainly make things worse.




I hate to point out the obvious but to repeal any bill requires passage in both houses of congress and we never had the votes to do it.

As long as we have fewer than 60 votes in the senate democrats can stop anything from coming to the floor for a vote.

There’s also the little problem of Republican /= Conservative.


That conjures up a Monty Python-like image in my head. “Sorry Mr Policeman, but you may not drive your tank through here until you pay the toll.” :stuck_out_tongue:


The Tea Party is arguably the largest peace movement in American history. The Tea Party has nothing to do with Charlottesville or militias.

Established is a Freedom Caucus, and without the TP there is no Trump. Firmly rooted it is largely underground and remains largely untouched and untapped. Many holdovers from Reagans silent majority and their spawn continue to educate the future generations.

The French do it differently but they have seen the NAZI’S and other hoards repeatedly overrun their country historically. While I would never burn a car in protest or harm anyone physically as a Tea Party member I wouldn’t hesitate to make life miserable to save freedom for my children and grandchildren and future generations of Americns.


Could you back that up with some fact… I think when searching validate your comment, you might find information slim at best…

From A black Tea Party Activist:


My comment was that Tea Partiers employed violent rhetoric. While we can go back and forth as to who and what the Tea Party is/was (as they were by and large loosely organized with no centralized organization or leadership) the signs they displayed at numerous demonstrations provide ample validation:


Of all of those, this is the only one I see as remotely threatening… While many of them were pointed at Obama, none advocated for his assassination or beheading…


As far as this particular placard … either we will have a sovereign nation or we won’t… one way or the other.