Monsieur Macron Retreats



Perhaps a rereading of this gem by Codevilla is in order.


Some can read it 1000 times yet fail to get the message.

Global warming. The so-called science is very obviously disputable, but it is impossible to bring up the subject in public without being accused of being a know-nothing. Even when the attorney general of Virginia asks for openness of data, his merely asking for openness of data is labeled as evidence of ignorance.

Objections to Obamacare are labeled as simply a lack of understanding. Supposedly, we are unable to see the obvious benefits before us. Explain to me why standardized care is necessary. Explain why it is a good thing to ration care in terms of age. There is simply not an answer. There is simply the imputation that you do not understand or that you are heartless.

The Tea Party movement is that it is overwhelmingly white. Well, so is America. So yes, of course it is. But by the way, those making the observation are also overwhelmingly white.




This is precisely why people need to be well armed IMO. Just as armed as the state is.

State rolled down your streets with tank…people should have the tolls necessary to take that tank out.

It’s only way to have legitimate balance of power between the state and it’s people.


Seems like the France is gearing up for another wild weekend.


The earth has been heating and cooling on a fairly consistent schedule now or the last hundred million years or so. Exactly how brilliant does one need to be in predicting the future when all you have to do is look at the past cycles and average them out?

The whole thing is a scam and nothing but yet another way to steal the wealth of the developed world to give to the developing and undeveloped world and a chance for the middlemen/women to amass ridiculous fortuned for planning and executing the scheme.

It isn’t even as warm currently as it was during the so called “climate optimum period” of the middle ages which was one of the mildest, most peaceful, and productive periods in all of human history.


No matter how benevolent it seems to be when the people no longer have the means to resist the gov’t they become slaves to it.


A reasonable question given the division and the utter contempt for the populous of the ‘fly over states’…


If they tried to force similar taxes on us here we’d do a lot more than burn a few tires and cars.


While taxes are a concern , I suspect the real rioting will be over illegal immigration, and the attempt to once again implement amnesty. Then the real number if illegals will come to light and Americans will be appalled.


Of course the original beef of the gas tax has been extended to include a mix of issues affect the rural population of these countries… While immigration hasn’t directly affected them so much, the taxation and laws have.


French revolutions are always messier than those in America (not including the civil war of course).

If the peaceful Tea Party ever went violent, KATIE BAR THE F------- DOOR


I wouldn’t be so sure. We were forced to swallow Obama care in spite of being vehemently opposed to it.


An escalation perhaps… ? Is this now the EU intervention in internal French events… or did Macron invite a foreign force into France to bring is belligerent population to heal…


The Tea Party certainly employed violent rhetoric now and then, but nothing much manifested in terms of actual violence. Even the militias, for all their posturing, never pulled triggers.

I agree - the French are not the Americans, and vice-versa.


How were you forced?


Oh gee…I don’t know. Maybe it was this?


So Pelosi forced you to swallow.

Wasn’t Donald supposed to repeal and replace on Day One? What happened - McCain?


To buy a product or you will be fined…punished.


Ok. So what has voting for Trump accomplished to rectify that? What about the Tea Party? The militias?