Mitch McConnell All Bruised Black And Blue, Both Hands And On Face

What happened to Mitch McConnell? They are saying it could be because he’s on blood thinners or perhaps just age. Not sure, I mean he was okay last week and the week before etc Perhaps the Democrats have had their thugs give him a good beating up to stop him having the Judge Barrett vote or whatever, I wouldn’t put it past them.

Both his hands are heavily bruised, also bruising above his lips on the right side and bruising above his right eyebrow.

Hands and arms can be bruised if someone tries to prevent strikes on the head.

Or something like this?

Nearly all these masks are made in China, I have long thought that most are contaminated, perhaps the Chinese deliberately contaminated them with something, I mean you can’t trust them but apparently because of cheapness all these nations allow China to supply them with masks to supposedly protect people from a virus that the Chinese orchestrated.

I think that Asian wife of his is beating his ass

He bitchslapped Crying Chuck so much he bruised his hands.

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The health of any Senator is a big deal, but Moscow Mitch isn’t just any Senator. Worth paying attention to this.

He didn’t just get his hands slammed in a silverware drawer. This is obviously something systemic. Maybe it’s nothing serious. But he’s 78. He looks like shit… note the waxy pallor of his skin, yellowing skin under his eyes.


He doesn’t live two doors down from Rand, does he?

Seriously, he looks like he has fallen again. Or he wrecked his car on the way to the office. He looks beaten up pretty badly, made worse with crepe skin and likely blood thinners.

Any person who wasn’t power mad would, at 78, say, “I think I deserve to sit out the rest of my days letting the younger ones have a turn.” But ole Moscow Mitch will be found slumped at his desk, the digitalis just beyond his reach.


You’re such an idiot.

I’ve seen senile purpura on a lot of older folks but that really looks bad.

Then again, so did this:

He owes the public information, even if only a doctor’s letter stating he has no serious medical condition.


Precisely. It’s just like that fucker to cover up a zombie bite and still come to work with the un-turned.

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Why would Mc Connell owe the public anything wan Joe hasn’t provided proof that he can do what is queried as president? Memory seems an issue with Biden running for the senate, that mormon guy in the senate, why is the left ignoring the signals of dementia?

He is up for reelection in 9 days. It seems to me his voters might like to know about his health.



Biden: We Have ‘The Most Extensive and Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization’

What no comment???

The gops won’t care. For them, it’s all about owning the libs. The Democrats don’t care, either. He could be at the peak of good health and we’d still want to bury him alive.

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No, he does owe the public an explanation and we as Democrats are not morally deficient in insisting that he do so. Especially given the behavior by Donald Trump and Republicans in general in assessing Joe Biden’s health, just as they did with Hillary’s health, which was all over the map as far as imagined illnesses.

It’s time to fish or cut bait.

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Typical with Republicans. Do as we say, not as we do.

“Most” voters are not in his district, so, No.

At least we don’t murder babies, burn cities, embrace sodomy, and embrace socialism like the vermin and pigs on the Left do. Now what.