Migrant leeches DEMAND $50,000 US dollars to go back home



Fresh outta ideas on that one.



Well, well…


No evidence of that.


The Tujuana sector has a pretty decent wall and is heavily patrolled.

This is why democrats tell us “Walls don’t work”. Because they do.


Just give them monopoly dollars ™.


This is the main front group behind organizing these assaults on the border.

They do most of their fundraising in the US, primarily in CA and AZ.

If we had a real Atty General they’d have long ago been declared a criminal organization and its found, arrested, and prosecuted.

It is a crime to entice people to commit crimes in the US and that’s exactly what they do. They not only entice the illegals to come to the US they provide direct aid, comfort, food, water, medical care, and transportation to help them get here as well as providing them training on how to get across the border and blend in.

Not even the Trump administration is willing to go after them though.


That was before they figured out how to let illegals vote.


I was encouraged until I read this:

The border control policy doesn’t come free for the United States, however. The Toronto Star reports that Mexico is asking for help in creating a “Central American jobs program,” that will help the residents of developing nations like El Salvador and Guatemala find opportunities at home, rather than seeking them abroad. Mexico is looking for a U.S. commitment of approximately $20 billion dollars — no small ask.

So in exchange for closing the border with Guatemala, we need to contribute to a jobs program?

Why in the world would be funnel 20 billion dollars that only a fraction of will reach the end user? That is their governments’ function, not ours nor is it any of our business. Sounds more like an expensive bribery program under a name liberals can foam at the mouth over.

I’d rather we spend 20 Billion on a wall then be dependent on the whims of other countries and our future politicians.


In the last ten years we gave over 1 billion in aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador only to fuel more violence and corruption . They are money pits !


Not to mention those of us who spent our younger days fighting their dirty little wars.


We already send lots of money to central American countries. We can just take it out of that.


Agreed. A detailed invoice would be appropriate.

Aid = $100.00

Illegal immigrant 1 = $10.00
Illegal immigrant 2 = $10.00

Aid = $80.00

= Ouch.


On way to address the caravans and illegal immigration is to end all aid until the offending countries stop dumping their excess people on the US and being bringing thir citizens home.


Correction, “get illegals to vote”.


No, that isn’t what we’re sending them aid for.


Unfortunately the politicians never let you finish the job.


And what do you suggest we do when they return 3 more times and bring thousands more with them ?


Totally eliminate the foreign aid to those countries. In the mean time, build the wall longer, deeper, and higher.


And please tell what happens to the money we send if it doesn’t fuel violence and corruption .


" The region remains menaced by corruption, drug trafficking, and gang violence despite tough police and judicial reforms. While the United States has provided the three governments billions of dollars in aid over the past decade."


The problem we face is we let many enter.

They call home tell everyone you should come here. No more poverty and work if you want it.