Mexico Lied...Start the Tariffs

What are you even talking about? Women serving in those positions took then out of the home and created the inflated demand for higher education, the dual income requirement, and has caused birth rates to plummet - all thanks to cultural Marxism.

If conservatives had CONSERVED the role of women we wouldn’t have the problems that we do.

Women’s traditional roles as you so aptly put It has nothing to do with being conservative, but a mere symptom of women themselves fighting for and gaining equals rights! One is humanitarian rights the other is ideology, and conflating the two only discredits your argument altogether which says to me you have no idea what the term conservative means!


On second thought, by way of claiming to be a traditionalist I can now see why you would make such arguments! The reality is there is not enough of you anymore where such luxuries can be afforded to stay home and bitch in the kitchen! It’s all hands on deck if you want to win this fight! Maybe if you didn’t send your men to die in the civil war and other meaningless wars, the demographics of your race today would be vastly different! How is that for based and red pill?

The Conservative Tradition is about individualism.

I love my educated wife. We enjoyed the DINK life and money for a time, when it came time for kids, we chose her staying home to raise and school them.

Don’t over generalize.

America, or the border states need to issue a bounty on Coyotes.
Make it deadly to be within 100 yards of these bad actors.

Then a quick drone strike on “The Beast” train as it back-hauls empty.

Then mix a little sigint with a load of JDAMs to hit Cartel HQs.

That would throw a spanner in the migrant works for 6 months.

Screw that! Just go after the cartels directly! The US can justify invading Mexico by making the Cartels the central focus of said objectives. I am sure political capital to convince AMLO that such a operation would be necessary would corner him to either revealing his duplicity or to support rooting out the number one factor that is holding Mexico back from economic prosperity!

Yeah, I am on record for creating a DMZ (DeMexicanized Zone) on the Mexico side. Say 5 miles razed to the ground?

Before some fool thinks that I am anti-somebody, we could also train and arm able-bodied and willing illegals to go back their shit-hole homes and mop up the jerks in charge. Sort of what we did against ISIS.

Ha ha! Yeah that would do wonders starting with Juarez!

All seriousness though, the cartels are the biggest problem that is affecting both countries, as the US and their thirst to consume Mexico’s drug imports are mere enablers to the bigger issues such as why immigration continues unfettered! Drastic measures are needed and eradicating the drug cartels by way of military operation is the most expedient mean! Also it would help if the US started by laying down landmines in the southern border along with building a border wall!

I hate landmines. They always have unintended consequences later.

I don’t think this thread has anything to do with “game over. Time to act”.

But if and when that day comes, you should review what happened when the Bolsheviks gained influence over the provisional government and then took over - even though they were a minority of crazy power hungry wackos like the Progressive Liberals. These people will be more obsessed with eliminating people like you and making you pay for standing in their way. What will you do differently than White Guard did? They did not win their civil war, ya know.

You wanted equality, you got it. Are you going to run off at the mouth expecting others to fight for you or are you going to lead the way?

Awfully hard on game populations.

Had we actually gone to war with the cartels in the 70’s and eliminated them imagine how different this country would be today.

I was thinking of children.

Sad thinking about wild animals.

No doubt about it TWR! I wholeheartedly agree, but here we are again staring at the abyss and all politicians from both sides want to do is offer platitudes once again in order to protect their status quo chummy club of multi-nationalism. Cutting the Gordian Knot sort of speak is a good start, but until an all out war is waged against the cartels, human trafficking, drugs smuggling, and murders will continue to happen. The question still remains; how many lies be told will incur a debt to truth? Truth, eventually calls in that debt that will have to be paid at some point!

I never asked for equality. Yes, I expect men to fight and keep this country safe.

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I don’t think Trump is going to go for imposing tariffs on Mexico at this point. Breitbart is reporting a 30% rediuction in border arrests since Trump first threatened tariffs.

Actually he can do it without congressional approval, and circumvent the activist judges by using the Treasury Department’s commerce mandate to impose taxes on remittances. If taxes aren’t being paid on those remittances the treasury department has the full authority over congress to use enforcement mechanism for compliance! Kris Kobach pretty much outlines this strategy when he was recently interviewed by Breitbart News.


They can’t arrest people that they aren’t catching. I think the point is people are still flooding in and Mexico is not doing anything to stop them from getting to the border.