Mexico Lied...Start the Tariffs

Talking and voting isn’t going to work anymore. I hope all of you are quickly coming to that realization. We are already over run by invaders and it’s getting worse by the day. Small towns in suburbs are now being completely inundated by third worlders. Game over. Time to act.


What are you advocating when you say “act”?

He’s advocating that you sit on your ass and continue doing nothing.

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No sir. We mustered enough votes to elect Trump over Clinton. It’s not game over, it’s time to mobilize and kick these leftist idiots out of office. More and more people are getting weary of being preached to… the pendulum is swinging the other way. NOW… if Republicans don’t grow some balls and act this time, THEN it’s game over…

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I dont think he is.

Be a bold muther and say what you mean … or just whine.

Both sides are controlled by AIPAC. It’s over.

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Oh good God. I’m so sick of that conspiracy theory bullshit.


How much longer are we supposed to wait? Until the whole fucking country is invaded?

You first Sister! Lead the way!

Ah - they 21st century man.

The “man” would tell a woman to go fight his battles first. I suppose when Tyrone and Juan start raping us in the streets like they do in Sweden you will sit on your hands then too.

This country is fucked.

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You are right! Americans need to start showing up in force! Congress doesn’t give a shit because they know the masses of the American populace are a timid bunch and will continue to be disillusioned by thinking that the ballot box is the answer! Why do you think the swamp continues unabated to violate the constitution and give away Americans sovereignty? Because “We the People” became passive in their disposition to hold them accountable to anything adverse they do to harm the country and their citizens they are suppose to represent. When you have a government that only represents itself, it is then game over and it’s every man for himself, as the US government then becomes a failed state!

Democrats are domestic terrorist we need a coup and a intern congress, until we have a special election… the sane democrats can stay… but Pelosi, aoc talib and the other nuts need to be sent away

No! Don’t take my statement as a literal discourse, it was metaphorical to suggest to put your money where your mouth is! Talk is cheap!

What happen to women having equal rights? Or you don’t believe in that huh?

That’s why I would simply blame the Democrats for stalling any funding for the wall. This is what they (Democrats) wanted in the first place - Open border. Trump should have simply kept the tariffs going. Mexico is being like North Korea and Iran now. It’s pitiful.

Do you vote?..

Personally the best discourse that Trump can exact is to go after remittances, which is Mexico’s golden goose! Forget talk about closing the southern border as doing so would be suicidal when an election year is approaching and so far that is Trumps strongest argument to win re-election. Not only that but he also would face strong opposition from the exclusive RINO club that would no doubt act as a huge barrier. If Trump goes after the remittances he not only circumvents the COC, but Democrats also would not have a legal standing to challenge it. IMO, Trump hasn’t used his nuclear option and needs to start showing some action on this soon!

No. I don’t believe in equality. I’m a traditionalist.

Again, you call yourself a conservative but you can’t help but act like a liberal.

Men of the west not defending and fighting for the women of the west will bring our civilization down. Granted, most of the women are degenerate trash who don’t deserve to be fought for anyway.

Likely a dozen activists judges are prepared for Trump to go after remittances. They will say taxes are only for Congress to levy.

He will have to use those remittances another way.

What are you talking about? You are trying to Attack me by conflating the term conservative? Please! You do much to expose your own ignorance! No where in the definition of conservatism does it say anything about Women playing a certain traditional role! Women wanted and fought for equal rights, they now serve in the military and in litany of other professions so it’s fair game to ask them to step up and join the fight, which has nothing to do with being conservative but a disposition that women themselves wanted in the civil rights act! If you have issue with that then take that shit up with your local feminist chapter and not me, not doing so only makes you look retarded!