Merck Covid Pill

Could be a good development….

The “variants” will disappear once they stop the jab. Covid is no more dangerous than a common cold.


How many pills are you on these days ? :thinking:

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The whole idea of the “vaccine” is genocide, especially white genocide.
Why is (or was) Trump supporting the vaccination?

Covid ain’t going away until nov 4th 2024

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Obviously if the Trump vaccine is genocide, he’s a part of the genocide

Biden said he would end the virus, what are we up to 700 people dead, 300 in less than a year. Another Biden accomplishment.

Perhaps 2 more boosters will do the trick.

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You can tell how deadly the virus is; by looking at how they’ve cracked down so hard on quarterbacks & pitchers licking their fingers 3-15 times before putting the ball into play.


What about the Merck pill???

What about it? Sounds like a great treatment option for a common cold with a low death rate. I’ll stick to chicken noodle soup and vitamin C - just like I did when I had COVID.


Well, I was thinking along broader terms than just yourself, but yeah ok.

fake don’t take it!!!

ON TOPIC ASSWIPE , START YOUR OWN TRUMP POST !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Does MERCK have a pill for BOOBWAVE and Monte???

It’s for whoever is sick with Covid.

Really, could you just address the op? The topic isn’t wave and I….

Give it some thought, I’m sure you can do it…

Fake huh? Do you have some corroborating evidence…:thinking:

Only joking , get a LIFE!!!

I have one.
And notice I never call you names, never insult your intelligence, never make you the brunt of a joke…

But anyway, any thoughts on the Merck oral therapy……

I had COVID and literally nothing happened. Slight cold. That was it. I’m also a bit of a fat bastard and I didn’t wind up dead. COVID is a joke. Fuck these pharmaceutical companies and their bullshit.

Never trust Big Pharma.

Covid is nothing. Just a cold.

“Variants” don’t exist; they are just imaginary.

Nobody ever isolated covid, much less “variants.”

Buttermilk, vitamin D, etc

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