MEDIA MELTDOWN: Liberal Networks PLUNGE Post-Mueller, CNN Down 26%, MSNBC

…and I’ll bet the Rachel Maddow Show made the top 5 solely because of people watching to see if she cries again! :rofl:

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Most people should know better than to watch that crap anyway after the sham they tried to pull during the 2016 election. There is no objective reporting from these networks to be found. At all.

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What little I see of them is when Fox News plays snippets that serve as evidence of their stupidity and bias…like when the idiot Jim Acosta was standing in front of a wall saying (paraphrased), “See! There’s no people crossing the border here. We don’t need the wall!”

…or when they show a montage of the liberal media parroting each other. In one case, they show a multi-split screen of several networks with commentators saying the same exact words…in unison! a crowd repeating the Lord’s Prayer together. :rofl:

When you have idiots like Whoopi Goldberg talking on National TV about how we don’t have enough restrictions on guns in this country while simultaneously talking about automatic weapons (The View), that should be an indicator that nothing else pushed by that network (or similar ones) should be taken with anything more than a grain of salt.

(Rand Paul educating Whoopi Goldberg on guns)

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MSNBC’s biggest star, Rachel Maddow, has been flailing in viewership since Special Counsel Robert Muellerofficially concluded his investigation into the alleged Russian interferencein the 2016 election.

Maddow had seen a rating surge since President Trump took office, offering extensive coverage on the Russia investigationfor the past two years. However, her viewership has taken a dive since Mueller handed his report to the Department of Justice last Friday. The report, according to a letter to Congress released on Sunday by Attorney General Bill Barr, concluded that there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.


“The Rachel Maddow Show” saw an average 13 percent decrease in viewership comparing her ratings Monday through Wednesday this week versus last week — Maddow lost nearly a whopping 500,000 viewers on Monday’s show following the release of Barr’s letter compared to her previous Monday show. She also saw a 15 percent decrease in the 25-52 demo audience.

There are a few million American fatties who wear pussy hats, have bizarre colored hair and nose piercings, are woefully ugly - or should that read ‘wokefully ugly’, and are full on converts to the religion of progressivism/socialism. These are Maddow’s audience, they are the marginals of error in the nation’s statistics, they are not the majority of voters, though to a ma… er., critter, they think they are.

CNN has to pay airports to run their station on tvs in the terminals. To fully appreciate the fall, consider that in the 90’s, CNN carried ads for luxury cars, resorts and financial services firms that were targeted to their older, executive level audience. Today they have ads for ambulance chasers, that tells you everything.