Mayor Justin Wilson Doesn't Want Illegals Deported

Justin Wilson, the far left Mayor of Alexandria, VA apparently doesn’t want the immigration laws of the United States enforced because it will make him feel emotional.

So forget about sovereignty, borders, and federal immigration law. We are supposed to let our country get invaded and stay invaded because pussies like this want illegals to vote for them in elections…illegally.


It is not the hallmark of a rational and sane nation to harken to the views of those with a Cultural Suicide Fetish as the Left (for whom nothing remains of the old extreme Left that is extreme to them anymore) nurses.

“We can do better”

WTF does that even mean? Could anyone imagine a Mayor talking like this or openly advocating the breaking of our laws 10 or more years ago?

I can’t. Maybe there were a few wackos out in California but that was probably it.

All a part of our current year clown world.

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Looks like this little soy guzzling ■■■■■■ got his wish. Trump completely and totally cucked himself to twinks like this.


Not so, THOT!

If and when Trump ever decides to deploy ICE to start the deportations, I hope that they target cities with mayors like this first.

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They need to manipulate these local politicians first.

Have ICE approach them to plan raids … and then they’ll warn the illegal aliens.

But the raids don’t happen.

Instead they’ve got eyes on the ground unknown to the locals to see how people react. Where they go for instance.

Do this a couple of times.

When the real raids happen the locals may not warn the illegal aliens because they’re sick of looking like fools. And if they do warn illegal aliens they may not be believed.

Meanwhile ICE may have a much better idea of who to look for.

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That is an AWESOME strategy!

Nothing more than virtue signaling to his base! Democrats are desperate for votes hence the need for more illegals and their Low IQ to vote for them! It’s pretty pathetic!

They may be “nice people” but the entered the country illegally, worked illegally, committed numerous frauds along the way, and have refused to leave after a deportation order was issued by a judge after due process of law.

The Drug Dealing Murderer next door may seem like a nice guy too but he’s still going to prison if caught and convicted.

These politicians are simply counting on some form of amnesty passing soon and are working ahead of time for their votes and the votes of their kids in the future.


My God , not another limp arm liberal moved to tears for turd world dummies . When will these morons take their oath to obey our laws seriously ?

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“Never”. The are inherently dishonest so their oaths mean nothing to them at all, it’s simply a formality required before taking office.

This city is actually one of the worst when it comes to voter fraud. It was also the scene of a hardcore leftist trying to gun down conservatives on a baseball field.

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I don’t think he knows what “collateral” means. I suspect he means “collateral damage” but is just to stupid to know that one is not the other.

On another forum a guy challenged me about that they were often good people and I replied that insofar as many Illegal Aliens are Christians I actually like those much better than I do many so-called “progressives” who are citizens but I still want all the Illegal Aliens gone simply because they have no right to even be in this country.

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That’s been the case since FDR factually kicked the Constitution to the curb.

And Eisenhower, who could have saved this nation but didn’t, rubber stamping FDR’s lawlessness really set the course out of which came the resist-but-never-roll-back RNC Quislings we now have to endure as well.

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If they were good Christians they wouldn’t be lying, cheating, and stealing in our country. They would be following the rules and waiting online with everyone else. Just because they were baptized as Christians doesn’t mean they are practicing.

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This guy should be ashamed of himself. What about his neighbors who have to deal with all the crime and filth that these illegals bring into his community that he is responsible for administering?

Like all Democrats he probably is suffering from delusions of grandeur along with TDS. When you see local politicians virtue signaling like this on Twitter it means they have their eyes on running in a bigger election.

The Catholic Church is aiding and abetting them on the way here and after they get here. According to the Pope they have a right to enter the US illegally and we have an obligation to take them.

When the Vatican tears down it’s walls and redistributes all of it’s wealth to the poor of the world I’ll give some deference to the Pope.

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I didn’t say “good”, the other guy did. In fact Scripture makes it clear that all sin and fall short of the glory of God.

But if it was lawful I’d keep the Christians and dump the heathen progressives.

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