MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH


“Thank you, thank you, it’s no big deal really, I do what I can.”



Finally some illustrative evidence…:upside_down_face:





Pretty sure that’s just a radome, dude. They are often made of RF transparent materials that are like plastic. They are put on the nose of aircraft to reduce aerodynamic drag that would be caused by antennas behind them… like weather radar systems or acquisition radars or glideslope antennas, etc.

But you did not know this. So lacking real information, you filled the gap in knowledge with an imaginary jigsaw puzzle piece to support an imaginary theory of who brought down the world trade buildings.

And you probably are not even embarrassed by this.


You’re just a squibs denier.


A few other pictures of planes hit by concrete and steel flying seagulls.





Squibs are small igniters used to launch bundles of radar chaff and IR seeker decoys from combat aircraft.

There are other applications as well.


The only people you will convince are illiterate morons. I just explained what that radome is made out of and you still post nonsense. Besides… even aluminum would fail when a bird hits an aircraft going fast enough.

With enemies like yourself, Jews got nothing to worry about…


Is that a tacit admission that you think Israel did 911 too?


You ignorant twit, all you’re showing is damage to the skin which is very thin over the avionics section which is in the nose of the plane.


Yeah but I’m not trying to claim that the nose cone of the aircraft is strong enough to go through 4 inch solid steel girders am I.


Do you mean like a soft lead bullet can go right through steel plate (particularly one with a lot of glass windows in it.

Are you seriously asserting that airplanes did not crash into the WTC and penetrate through the structure and spill burning debris out the other side as seen by tens of thousands of people as it happened?

You need help. :neutral_face:


Nobody else has either.


We’re supposed to believe the planes didn’t strike and that some how Israeli agents were able to sneak into the building cutting all of the steel support girders and planted explosives and went completely undetected in doing so.

Forget the fact that video was shot live of both planes striking the buildings.

We’re also supposed to forget that if you pump enough oxygen to a kerosene fire it can reach as high as 3800F.

Hell, a small copper jet can penetrate up to 12" of steel armor plate.


You both correctly pointed out the fragility of the planes nose cones and I agree, an airplane is a very fragile structure. To then suggest that 2 planes could fly straight through 4in steel girders is arrant nonsense. To further suggest that the resulting fires brought the buildings down is stupid beyond belief. The major construction materials used in the buildings was concrete and steel and last time I looked neither of them burn too well

I think Samantha did in her last post LOL


You might think so (I don’t. A stalk of straw can be driven like a nail into a telephone pole by the winds of a tornado.) but we both saw the video of two planes doing just that and thousands of eye witnesses corroborated it.

Your foolishness is growing exponentially. You really ought to stop. We all know you are a fool, you don’t need to do any more to convince us of that.


No he didn’t, quit lying. The planes did not “fly straight through” the buildings or they’d have come out whole on the other side. What came through the other side was fragments of the broken up planes.

Had they cut through the steel girders like a knife the buildings would have come down instantly on impact, they didn’t. They came down after the heat of the flames driven by winds softened the steel and damaged the concrete enough to lose their structural strength.

You’re a complete idiot incpable of having an intelligent conversation on the subject.

Every claim you have made was refuted within the first 20 posts in this thread, the rest from you has just been Jew hating trolling.

You’re an embarrassment to all of us.


What, eactly, was burning so hot that it melted steel