MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH


I knew and old smoker who said chocolate taste like shit to him. Sad.
For some humans the truth is bullshit. Very sad.


Pssssst… only got a sec. You are right. It’s a big hoax. And right now you are actually strapped to a bed in a Tel Aviv hospital being stimulated through nanovision injections to believe that you are awake and telling the world the truth. They are gonna change the injections soon and get you to post recantations that they will collect from your brain and post in your name and feed your body to pigs.

Gotta go… they are coming.



I have no idea what shit tastes like. I know it when I smell it.


They Did It - Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Jewish)


I have to scratch my head and often wonder what kind of poison these people are consuming daily to make them so full of hate and so immune to facts.


It probably comes from being obsessed with their smart phones and constantly walking headlong into things. :wink:


Our generation didn’t even wear bike helmets or have protective gear for skate boarding. HA!

How many times did you bang your head on a steel dashboard or car/truck roof on bumpy roads?

Somehow though we managed not to grow up with the same “issues”.


"The human mind, except when guided by extraordinary genius, cannot surmount the established conclusions amid which it has been reared.”


That’s no excuse. You have the advantage of extraordinary genius guiding you right here on the forum, and yet you still go back and eat and regurgitate again the vomit that you post.


Who are you quoting there?

And while you are at it, tell us what you think that means. Do you think that you are the extraordinary genius?


It’s Winston Churchill. I greatly admire the man for his perseverance and command of the language and his insight… when it was right. But regarding his insight, here is what is said:

Rarely has a great leader been so often right. Or so often wrong.

Indeed. Gallipoli was Churchill’s .

Still … a great man. Just wrong half the time. People with just common sense often turn away from the opinions that their rearing originally taught them.


Gallipoli was a failure of youthful arrogance and ignorance.

He made one hell of a comeback but only after putting his own ass on the line and learning what war really looked like from the trenches.

Without that experience Churchill would have just been one more long forgotten failed English Politician.


As long as you fill your mind with hateful, racist, anti Semitic and conspiracy nut bullshit there’s no hope of even a minimal level of genius ever developing.


It’s not just 911
“The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”


Gotta disagree with your logic. His error was due to other factors. He was already 40 years old, Lord of the Admiralty, and had seen action in three different zones. You can debate whether he got dirty enough in those experiences but he was a POW with the Boers. His post-Gallipoli service on the European front was no doubt adventurous but there is no reason to believe it was a new eye opening personal experience for him, considering his experiences earlier in his life at lower ranks.

No… His failing at Gallipoli was his underestimation of the Turkish army and Mustafa Kemal in particular. So, arrogance maybe was behind the debacle but it was not the youthful kind.

But you are right about the comeback. Most men would have considered their lives full and their careers complete just at the time Churchill was about to make his greatest contribution to England… and to all of us English speaking peoples, IMHO.

Side note. I lived about 3 hours away from Gallipoli in 1974 but did not know enough history to motivate me to travel there. I now have great respect for both Churchill and Mustafa Kemal - AKA, Ataturk - and would have valued a visit to that place. Youthful ignorance on my part.


I don’t know if that criterion is true or not- but some historians speculate that his SO was Mary of Magdalene- hence the Last Supper painting.


Yeah, Mel Gibson … there is a world renown authority on the matter. :roll_eyes:


Let me put it this way. Prior to Gallipoli and his subsequent service like many in that era “war” was an adventure and a way to seek Glory.

The staggering losses at Gallipoli shocked him to his core and his time in the misery of the trenches taught him just how terrible modern war had become and how much more terrible it would be as the century moved on.


I enjoyed Gibson before he lost his mind. Funny guy, great actor, but he’s become an absolutely brainless lunatic.