MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH


So on one hand a planes nose cone is so weak that a bird can demolish but at the same time it is strong enough to go through steel - yeah I saw the vid too.
Surely even you Hasbara guys must be able to see the contradiction in those 2 statements.


There is no contradiction. I am reasonably certain that the nose cones were completely destroyed in the millisecond before the tremendous momentum of the mass of the planes behind them pushed what was left of them inside the buildings.

How can you be so stupid? Is this all an act?


The steel didn’t have to melt to fail.

Kerosene alone can burn hot enough to melt steel though with enough oxygen which was in ample supply.

Jet fuel is basically kerosene on steroids. There are several proprietary jet fuel formulas, but most of them contain chemicals intended to help jet engines burn the fuel more cleanly and more efficiently, and to help prolong engine life as well. In fact, kerosene and jet fuel are nearly identical in every way except for a few additives in modern jet fuel.

Add all of the other flammables available and being consumed to the wind fed draft that began instantly on impact and tremendous temps are possible.


It takes a lot of determination and hard work to remain this completely ignorant and in denial of the facts.


Somebody once asked what motivates me - The following is as good an explanation as any, just wish I had written it.

When I first heard that Israel was not the friend in the Middle East that I had been taught by my evangelical pastors, I wanted to believe that they were wrong. They were anti-Semitic.

I came across some things in the past couple weeks or so that have caused me to conclude that we are witnessing the most amazing deception I have ever seen or read about, at least to date.

We have been very well conditioned to keep our mouths shut about one of our enemies.

The term anti-Semite is an epithet that is tossed about when someone is getting too close to the truth.

The state of Israel is not the true Israel of the Bible.

The Burning Platform – 9 Feb 19

The Awful Truth: Cognitive Dissonance Will Be Our Destruction

Guest Post by Mary Christine My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law…


No matter how often you repost the same trash and lies it will remain nothing but trash and lies.


So is that a “yes” or a “no” to the questions: “are you really that stupid?” and “or is it just an act?”


I respectfully refer you to my previous post @Samm

The irony of that statement is OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS LOL.


The carbon in printing toner alone would have accelerated the the heat increase in a closed space…the buildings had storage closets full of it. Just a hypothesis in its infancy. :cowboy_hat_face:

let’s not forget about all this bic lighters full of butane too!! Pocket booms everywhere oh the humanity


I don’t get it. Explain it to me.


Your head is full of hate and bullshit, there’s no room at all for critical thinking, independent thought, or any room to examine the actual facts.

You’re no better than Hitler’s brainwashed Brownshirts and SS officers.


Some folks need to remember to put the toner in the machine instead of drinking it to kill the brain worms.


I can’t believe you just said that - says it all really doesn’t it - ROFLMFAO


You can’t believe you can’t explain it.

Oh, wait. Yes I can. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d estimate 15 milliseconds… assuming approx 450 mph and a radome of 3 meters. But I’m guessing on the size of the radome.

I don’t think he’s acting. He is not educated. Not even self educated. So he is completely open to whatever suggestion they put into his head. He cannot analyze the truth or falsity of anything. And so he posts it for others like him to further disseminate.


The planes impacted at over 500mph.

It’s really not hard to understand for anyone who is trying.

One could easily calculate the energy on impact which of course explains literally everything.



Is the accent of the narrator Pakistani or Iranian?


Has anyone ever lit jet fuel on fire? I have. It burns up REAL quick. We do training every six months and light fires with jet fuel to put them out.

with that said, jet fuel wasnt burning in that building… Office debris was. Office debris that is fire coded for a 110 story skyscraper (read: non-flammable).


Good luck finding a completely nonflammable computer and associated equipment in a commercial office space.