MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH


More like Montezuma’s Revenge.


You don’t get it Dog, video showing the planes striking the WTC’s is a Jewish Plot to destroy America. It’s all just special effects put together by Jews in Hollywood!

Is there an emote for banging your head against a brick wall?


There used to be. We lost a lot of good emoticons that we had on the old BNN.


There were also pending investigations that had a special FBI task force looking into some cases and they were one of them. 9-11 happened and suddenly the investigation goes cold! Odd!


When all of the physical evidence is destroyed how much was left to investigate?


Probably nothing? I don’t know, but it does point in that direction!


If there’s no physical evidence left what would the point be in investigating further?


Watching that doesn’t it make you want to bring the real suspects to justice in a court of law?


We already have.

Where are the videos of the windows blowing out when the demo charges are set off on every floor prior to the collapse?

Still waiting.


Not odd at all if they have something to hide


Not sure why you keep asking me that q but when buildings implode they collapse inwards like this…


Exactly like this in fact…

Thats how controlled demolition works


“Pull it”, he said and down it came.
Now watch as the agenda posters come around for the cover up.
3, 2, 1…


we have a pristine passport of a hijacker to ponder…How did a paper passport leave the hijacker and make its way down to manhattan street level during that crash?


Yep, that’s how gravity works. Straight down towards the center of the Earth.


While the probability of that specific piece of paper surviving and being found was very very low, many of thousands of other pieces of paper also survived the impact, fire and collapse and made their way down to the streets below.

I don’t understand why you think that is indicative of a conspiracy. All eight of the hijackers on those two flights, were on the airline manifest and were confirmed to have boarded the planes at the airport.


LMAO, it’s always the Jews with you!

Edit -

Do I hate Jews? - maybe but its nothing personal and it shouldn’t detract from the facts I post even if it does influence what I post - I hate lots of people - get over it.

…can’t believe you were dumb enough to post that - actually, wait, I can believe it.


Oh hold on ta yer dadgum hosses there boss.

The pristine passport was planted by…

Jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos :joy:


The windows are all removed before demolition in a controlled demo.

Now I ask you again, where are the videos showing th windows blowing out of th WTC’s when the charges were detonated?


There are no explosions.

In a controlled demo there’s a series of explosions taking out all of the internal and external supports prior to collapse.

You people are too ignorant for words to even describe.