MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH




Momentum and wind. Unlike the papers in building 7 it wasn’t exposed to over 24 hours of fire and weeks of water.


Not always they ain’t and they weren’t on 911 obviously - like they weren’t in this demolition…


Maybe you can find them for me(bit like the 6mil difficult to find any evidence - maybe both are hoaxes??? - but you might like to watch this first to help in your search.


And what do you see here" You see the windows blowing out on every floor from the explosions.

The weren’t removed here for obvious reasons, the building is alone and far away from creating any danger.


The six mil? The holocaust? The Germans kept extensive records which is what got them hung at Nuremberg.

There are no videos of all the windows blowing out of the WTC’s from the charges because it never happened.


Did these ‘many of thousands of pieces of paper’ make it’s way to street level undamaged from the pocket of a passenger? Wouldn’t the resulting explosion of impact and jet fuel igniting vaporized this? Or at least heavily damage it? My point is this is an unreasonable thing to believe happened - so who planted the passport streetside?


Nobody had to plant it, passports are very resilient and as I said “Momentum” carried lots of things from the planes far beyond the impact site.

Part of the landing gear of one of the planes was found at the site where the 9-11 Mosque was to be built, more than a quarter mile from the impact site.

Fuel cannot instantly burst into flames, it first has to mix with enough air to allow for ignition. With Kerosene, that takes a great deal of air.

The whole thing is just another thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory.


It pains me to post this, but this is video of the plane impacting WTC1

You can see starting at about 1:02 the FF’s hear the plane approaching and look up at it, then at 1:10 it impacts the building.

Just as the plane impacts you can see huge amounts of ejecta back along the plane’s flight path as well as directly in line with it on the opposite end of the building and to one side.

You can also see the huge explosion of fuel which is obvious by the flame and color of the smoke.

No “Jewish Conspiracy” no “demolition detonations” no mystery. Just a plane being used as a cruise missile to strike at the heart of the US economy.


Due to the better camera angle the video of the 2nd Plane Striking WTC2 is even more clear.

Start at about 3:30.


Apparently not. Are you suggesting that the airline manifest and boarding verification as faked?


As apparently are the videos showing the planes impacting WTC I and II.


Your powers of observation are abt as good as your command of the English language(non existant).

The windows crack up with the pressure from the floor above - same as happened with WTC7


Thats the thing LOL - yes the Germans kept meticulous records but there is absolutely no record of 6mil bodies - I posted instructions yesterday for how to use google
Youre right there are no vids of windows blowing out bc they don’t blow out in a controlled explosion.


But the passport survived LOL

The dancing Israelies, who were sent there to document the event got a much better vid than that.


What do you think that proves?

Was the Airline manifest faked?


How would you have records of bodies that were cremated and pulverized?


3 of the 9-11 hijacker’s passports were recovered from the different crash sites along with numerous other flammable objects.


Thoroughly and completely debunked of course but keep running with it.


Don’t think so but lets see what everyone else thinks