MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH


I see another SJW escaped from their safe space again - anyway welcome to the real world


See magog this is where your ineptitude gets you in trouble. For you to believe that someone would “use a sledgehammer to remove a splinter from a hand” so to speak.

@wiley8425 - Actual Radioactive fallout takes much more than ‘several years’ to decay - the nuke version of the bunker buster limits radioactive fallout only if the blast effects stays completely underground - which is highly unlikely. And even then the subterranean area would be radioactive for thousands of years affecting water-tables, run-off water, flora and fauna contamination. Bottom line is it is far from being a clean bomb. No such thing as a safe nuke…Yet. Now Photon torpedoes will be a different story!:sunglasses:


That’s the thing with people like him. He’s so stupid that he doesn’t know it.

He reminds me of a construction worker I used to know. He bragged about his IQ of 82 when he was in the Marines … he thought 100 was perfect. :wink:


Provide a link to the video that shows the windows blowing out of the buildings when the explosions were triggered.


They’ve all been removed…looking to see if my old computer has any saved files of them.


Save yourself the time, the are none.


Hiya - it’s Sunday today btw

Does anyone remember Jenga - do you ever remember a tower of blocks falling into its own footprint? - no me neither.

But on 911 - 3 skyscrapers did exactly that, they just fell straight down - no deviation at all just straight down into their own footprint and some people think thats normal - maybe they just never played Jenga


911 an Israeli masterpiece.



Or maybe the towers weren’t made out of Jenga pieces.


We have GIANT JENGA and it’s a lot more fun.


No they weren’t they were made of 300,000 tons of steel and concrete.


We have a bar/restaurant here with that outside plus other games.

Next time I go I will think of @Magog when someone pulls the piece that makes it go “boom” :rofl:


That goes to my saying. I can live ten lifetimes and still not know one tenth there is to know.

When that realization sinks in most people are humbles by it.


I’m flattered that I’m having so much influence here


I’m sure you’re flattered. However, influence would not be the word I’d ascribe to your posts in this thread.




Part 2


I hadn’t seen to the extent of that, Rokdawg.

Wow… just … wow.


Yeah, kind of like the Spanish Flu.