MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH


Your conclusions on a diety, creator is from picking and choosing the worst examples.
I recall you said you’re an agnostic. So as an agnostic, (meaning you don’t know), don’t be closeminded. Allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of a well formed, intelligent designed physical reality that needs further studying.

The saying is very humbling.


A Majority of Americans Do Not Believe the Official 9/11 Story


Back to grasping at straws I see :rofl:


Very true.

Funny, when I was 18 I had all of the answers. :wink:


True Publica, where nested nuts come together like birds of a feather.

A majority of Americans believe Trump is a racist too.


It’s all he has and the only way he can get noticed. Every read up on “Attention Seeking Syndrome”?


“Never underestimate the ignorance of the majority of people.” - anonymous


I’m agnostic ‘‘I don’t know’’ - same as you.


How many times have I said the only thing I know is that I know nothing Alex?
My mind is a lot more ‘‘open’’ than most retards on here(present company excluded), who deny the evidence supporting some conspiracy theories but are perfectly willing to accept the existence of something that no-one has ever seen, cannot be touched, cannot be interacted with in any way and there is absolutely NO evidence that it exists or ever did exist.
But I’m the crazy nutjob - gimme a break.
And fwiw I actually do believe that there is a ‘‘god’’ just not the one that everyone else believes in


As an American you obviously have first hand experience of that. Its good that you recognise your own shortcomings


Magog I have rebutted your claims as a matter of my own faith. If I could prove it to you it would be knowledge and not faith. I have never tried to cram my faith down anyone’s throat, including yours. However you can never shake my FAITH about this thing I cannot prove and your posts seem more like INSTRUCTING people about this rather than inquiring about this thing called Faith. It’s not a Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy fantasy to us, not lies taught to us by our parents. It was a directional admonishment from them to learn, study and see for ourselves. It’s not just about opening your mind, the mind’s function is measurable, it’s more about opening your heart and letting that be the compass.

It’s not a cult but it is a mindset. It’s about the struggle to become something that we know we will never achieve because we are too flawed . The struggle to be Christ-like is not a goal, but an endeavor nonetheless.


Yes, I do … I observe it everyday. I especially see it in your posts.


The existence of the universe itself is all the evidence one needs. The laws of physics in this universe deny the premise of a “big bang” suddenly creating all matter and energy from nothing.

Without some guiding hand that exists beyond the physical laws of the universe creation here is a mathematical impossibility.


I actually have some respect for people of faith who believe, sincerely in god(whoever he/she is to them)
To me faith or belief is something deeply personal, and cannot be shared
I also cannot believe that a/the ‘book’ is anything more than a book. But I admit I don’t know what is/isn’t true - still trying to learn.
As Jesus said - beware false prophets.



Demolition. Insurance fraud. Pull it! Boom, boom, boom.
Even Heraldo & Huckabee admitted it was a demolition.


I’d love to see links to them saying something so ridiculous.


How can they admit it when the facts say no such thing happened?

Geraldo is not exactly a reliable opinion … remember Al Capone’s vault. IMO, he is right up there with Magog. :wink:


And even if they could, still, such a solution would not lead to the desired effect - there would not be any guarantee that such a high-raised structure would fall strictly down to its foot print - it might as well scatter its debris as far as a quarter of a mile, considering its mere height.

Anyhow, “Controlled Demolition Inc.” began to study possibilities of demolishing modern skyscrapers by underground nuclear explosions at the end of 60s, at request of the then New York Sate Governor Nelson Rockefeller - when it became necessary to get a legal approval from the New York Department of Buildings for the WTC Twin Towers construction.


Not this truther garbage again.

Your source:

" This is my witness testimony. But when it comes to the demolition mechanics, I guessed these on my own, by studying technical details pertaining to the actual demolition. Of course, I could be wrong in such a guessing."

Gosh, you think? Where is the radiation from the nuclear demolition? You think they just built right on top of it and nobody noticed getting radiation sickness or anything afterwards? Even bunker busters leave residual fallout after detonation for several YEARS. And conveniently Israel is also to blame, of course.

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at this crap. :roll_eyes: