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This one is pretty hackneyed, isn’t there some other thing to blame on the Jews, like ebola? Malaria? Rap music?



I’ll take Typhoid for $500, Alex :grimacing:


I recall a quote (paraphrased) from Hienz. He said that he did not make his based fortune on the ketchup that people consumed, he made it on the ketchup that they left on the plate (or in the bottle.) :wink:


Probably a lot of truth in that.


There is one true God. Is he sitting in a throne somewhere telling you to flap your gums? Nope. But you are doing it anyway. It’s called free will. And people sure do say the damnedest things, …most of us are nucking futs!


Show me anything a human wrote, said or otherwise expressed that proves God Doesn’t exist. If science is your only ally you better make plans for making new friends because science is on the precipice of the abyss of what they don’t know and are surmising that they may never know. One day we will build a machine that MAY be able to teach itself those elusive secrets but it will never be able to convey them to us, its inferior creators. They will have lost their reliance (faith?) on us.

It may even declare itself God.

Or Maybe something like this has already happened?


We each have free will to do whatever we choose.

God, in His omniscience simply knows every choice we will ever make.

That does not translate to His making the choices for us.

He knows when and how individuals will be kind. He knows when and how individuals will murder people.

He does not cause either of these acts. He simply lets both happen.


I find it very difficult to agree with the predestination idea. We supposedly are being punished for the original sin, and if the creator knew that was going to happen why continue on at such an early stage. It means we have to seek and find the graces we had originally bestowed upon us. We were destined to be masters of this planet and it didn’t play out like that. Genesis is full of the disappointment and anger of the creator. That doesn’t sound to me like the creator expected any of it.


Some seem woefully incapable of making the distinction yet it is those same people who think those who believe are ignorant.


may those who love us, love us well.
may those who do not, may God turn their hearts.
if their hearts cannot be turned, then we pray,
that God turn their ankles, so that we may know them by their limping.



…as do I.

Predestination seems to support the idea that God planned each person’s entire life and every decision each person would ever make.

His knowledge of what you will do does not mean that He planned it. He just knew what choices you would make.

One of the biggest problems we humans have is understanding that human logic does not apply to God or His capabilities. Some things are accepted on faith…without understanding.


The answer is 42. :wink:


Maybe it just means he knows all the alternate universes that branched out from every possible choice we could make and he just knows all of them, so no matter what we choose, he can still say “I knew that” :slightly_smiling_face:


I like that one. Is it an original?


Begrudgingly I took philosophy in College.

Each of us was to come up with something profound that would force discussion and could be shown to be provably accurate.

Mine was, “Life is a matter of Inches and seconds”.

I went on to point out the following.

Have you ever been within inches of a major car accident happening and just missed it by few inches?

Even the simplest decision or mistake we make can have profound repercussions down the line.

Many years ago I noticed an old couple broken down on the side of the road twenty miles from town so I stopped to help them. They’d just gotten an oil and filter change in a town thirty plus miles away where everyone in the area would occasionally go shopping.

Well he’s driving along and his oil pressure suddenly hits zero and the car stops knocking and being a farmer he was smart enough to pull over immediately and shut it down.

Having a few tools in my tool box once I saw the filter didn’t look quite right although obviously properly tightened and oil was blowing out from the gasket. Turns out when the tech/mechanic pulled the old filter the old gasket stuck to the mount and when he mounted the new one, suddenly there’s two and that resulted in oil leaking at a pretty good rate between them as the inner gasket had essentially herniated.

Well it’s hot, middle of the summer in The Texas Panhandle, they are miserable and had been sitting on the side of the road for three hours with no one stopping to help.

I volunteer to run into town and get them five quarts of oil and promised I’d be back.

I had a flat, took over an hour to get it fixed but finally I get back out there about 2 hours later, around ten pm

They are thrilled, the guy not only pays me for the oil but demands I take a hundred bucks for coming to their rescue.

I finally settle with him for the cost of 5 gallons of gas which is about what I’d burned and told him I’d have probably had the flat anyhow since at the time I was building homes and the cause of the flat was a nail and back then the cost of a flat repair was probably no more than 7.50 at most.

Well the next day my dad gets a call at the store from the same old man.

They were “old timers” for sure and they normally went to bed at sundown, up again at 4:30, working “farmer’s hours”.

Their house burned to the ground following a propane explosion about five minutes before they got home. He told my dad that if not for me, they very likely would have died in that explosion.

A few years later I was surprised to find a very nice gift had been left for me in his will along with a very sincere thankyou note and 7.50 in cash for the cost of the tire repair.

If not for that gasket.

If not for that nail.

If not for my decision to get it fixed rather than just airing it up… .

I’ve probably had a dozen occurrences in my life where had I just been a few seconds faster or slower someone running a red light or stop sign would have plowed right into me.

Multiply that by the hundreds of billions of lives since the dawn of man.

Predestination is ridiculous as a theory.


I compare it to a virus trying to understand the researcher trying to kill it.


@TWR @ROKDAWG @Samm @asaratis

Ok So if you are christian you follow Jesus(son of god), Moslem - Allah, Jewish - Yahweh And ALL those gods are the same person, apparently.
God tells us what to do in the ‘‘Book’’ which he wrote, apparently.
But god is NOT responsible for what we do. Even tho he told us what to do in the ‘‘BOOK’’
And he does not control what will happen to us in the future so he is not responsible for what happens to us.
He can, however, forgive us our sins(if we pay his accolytes loadsa moolah) - never could figure out what god needed money for tho.
He also got into real estate and gave all the land between the Eurphrates and Nile to the Joos. But if they take that land its not gods responsibility.

So to summarise…
God is one evil fucker
He suffers from multi personality disorder
He is a master of MKUltra
He is a realtor
Oh and he is the only person I know who can have his cake and eat it


Wow, interesting series of events.


So you do admit there is a God!!! You’re making progress kid.


Old Irish proverb…