MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH


Draw a force diagram for us showing how the vertical force of gravity is deflected by the vertical resisting force of the structure.


Interesting…I want to see it for myself.


… I am resisting the temptation :slight_smile:


That is correct, and I agree with most of your derived assumptions therefrom
However if you are a Jehovah’s Witness you would just say that it was in the divine purpose of God
If you were a Christian you might say that it is God’s punishment for the sins of Adam and Eve
If you were an Aztec you would find someone’s head to chop off in sacrifice
If you were a Moslem you would say that it is God’s will

The part that is a bit difficult to fathom is why one bunch of Moslems attacks another bunch of Moslems just because “they are not worshipping correctly”.


Moree hae from the Jew hater.

God is God, The Books of Moses are included in The Koran as are many of the same prophets. According to the Muslims Christ was one of those prophets.

All three religions are considered to be “Of the Book”, the same book.

What’s different are the citations made Muhammed, their founder and his charge too spread Islam by any means necessary and force conversions, tax non believers, or execute them.

Once again you show nothing but ignorance and hate.


There is exactly nothing accurate in his entire post. I didn’t realize you two were birds of a feather.

Thanks for clearing that up.


You’ve already been shown the math proving the buildings did not collapse in free fall.

With nothing but wind resistance each of the collapses would have been over in about 9 seconds.

It took about 28.5 seconds for Tower 1 and about 25.2 seconds for tower 2 to fall.

Quit repeating the same lies.


Now I feel insulted
Just because, in mankind’s view, God could be considered deficient due to various themes does not make me “of a feather”.

My personal beliefs about God are not relevant to this thread.


Then why did you introduce them?


I did not introduce them, I merely stated that I agreed with the thinking behind some of the assumptions. Some would call that an ability to perceive the view of another debater.


You’re the faux scientist Samantha - I only deal in facts


That is eactly why I have a problem with ‘‘God’’


Have you ever read ‘‘the Book’’ - if you have you must realise just how hypicritical it is to call me hateful - I don’t come anywhere close to God

Think you forgot the resistance from 300000 tons of steel and concrete


God made us, he can do with us as he pleases.

You’re like an ant judging the guy who’s foot is about to crush you judging God’s actions.

The difference is, there will be no eternal suffering for the ant.


And who made God???


No one, he exists outside of human understanding and the physical laws.


Ahhhhhh that eplains how he did 911


hah hah but what if there’s two or three?

The funny thing about this endless argument is that people don’t seem to care that this is the premise for Magog’s arguments: it REALLY IS TRUE THE JEWS DID 911

Trying to explain the strength of steel to Magog may amuse people but it’s futile because it REALLY IS TRUE THE JEWS DID 911


Come to think of it, I’ve never seen an empty Tabasco bottle…but I know there’s got to be millions of them that have been thrown away…since 1868…empty…except for the bit that clings to the inside.


Ignorance is bad, wilful ignorance is worse.

Blindly trying to blame Jews for every ill in the world is just racist bullshit propagated by hate filled retards incapable of accepting reality.