MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH


I neither believe nor disbelieve in god. More agnostic than atheist.
What I have a problem with is deciding WHICH one to believe in.
Yahweh, allah, krishna, buddha???,
What I also have a problem with is people who are so stupid that they believe in something so illusory is actually true without even questioning it.
And then pushing it down the throats of the rest of us or maybe even cutting our throats if we don’t also believe

I also think this topic relevent bc the ppl who supposedly flew the planes did it bc their god told them to. And I thought god was responsible for everything 911 included?

And if we accept that god created EVERYTHING…

WHO or what created God???


Maybe, but true nonetheless


So if Jesus was a Jewish rabbi there are a few things that I don’t understand.
Why do Jews hate him so much?
Why aren’t all Christians actually Jewish?
So if he was Jewish did he renounce Judaism? Bc he realised how evil it was maybe Is that why Jews hate him?


9/11 was an Israeli intelligence operation

Using Israeli agents and Jewish American (neocon zionist) traitors.

  • not a rogue group within Israel
  • not Saudis (they were just pawns)
  • not space weapons or lasers (fuck off Judy Wood)
  • not holograms or NWO missiles (fuck off Alex Jones)
  • not illuminati reptillian shapeshifters (fuck off David Icke)
  • AND most importantly, NOT the first time (see USS Liberty, JFK, London 7/7 and Lavon)

Quite simply: Israel did 9/11 1000%

  • from start to finish and then the American zionist media coverup
  • then sending more Americans to die in Israels wars of terror across the Middle East.

Israel have spies and traitors at the top of ALL American institutions from education to finance, juduciary to media and across the whole political and military complexes.

It’s coming. Do not believe their excuses (holocaust, we are such victims, boo hoo).


War By Deception (Israel did 9/11 and spread false propaganda to kill 1000s more. 1 million deaths so far in Iraq alone

Defamation (Israel run America and create a system of guilt -victim worship- wherby they will not be criticised)

Bibles Buried Secrets (American and European Jews and not Arab and did not originate on the Middle East, they descend from converts of Turkic and Modern Ukrainian background. There was never a Kingdom of David and Jewish historians fake history to justify Israel which historically has never been a cohesive Jewish nation - literally just a few villages)

The Israel Lobby in the U.S. - AlJazeera (Israel control everything from public discourse to political direction through threats, blackmail, bribery and corruption. And destroying the lives of anyone who gets in their way.)



How would you (yes, you personally) go about proving that God exists?


Your buddy is here to support you Magog. :wink:


When apple falls from a tree does it drop straight down?


And it’s only getting stronger as the years go by. :wink:


Libs use em to paint.


Good Lord man learn something for a change. Yahweh and Allah are the same God.

I know a lot of Jews, none of them hate Jesus or Christians.

We aren’t Jewish because we worship Jesus Christ.

He didn’t “renounce” Judaism, he was a reformer just like Martin Luther did not renounce Catholicism, he attempted to reform his church.

Those who followed the teachings of Christ, became Christians just like those who followed the teachings of Luther became Lutherans; even though Luther did not want to break up the church.


Al Jazeera? Seriously? There isn’t a less credible source on the planet.

We know this to be a lie so is it just your intent to slander Jews in general or just Israeli Jews?

#415 ? Seriously? “Dark Overlord”?

When you troll in the cesspool you’re bound to pull out a turd.

You are seriously scraping bottom now to find that last straw to grasp.

Who filled your head with so much ignorance and hate?


Not if there is 300,000 tons of steel and concrete underneath it


And those who followed the devil became Jews

Yahweh is god of Israel(Jews) so if Allah is same god as Yahweh it REALLY IS TRUE THE JEWS DID 911
I’ve known for a long time that Wahabis and Joos were joined at the hip - you just confirmed it thank you

Back on track


You plonker!

If there is “one” God then there is one God and his name can be anything


I’m about ready to request a mute / block function for certain elements of this community who can’t seem to govern the spamming of their own delusions over and over. maybe an age restriction as well.


…oh shit, how young do I have to be?

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So there is one god who tells Muslims to chop Christians heads off
And he tells Joos to bomb the shit outta Palestinians
And he tells Americans to bomb the shit outta everyone
And he tells everyone to love his neighbour.
Looks like god is not only one evil bastard he’s also suffering from multiple personality disorder


You don;t wanna do that you’ll upset all my loyal followers