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Don’t rabbis have to be married? Jesus wasn’t married was he?
Yeah I’ve seen the Jesus was a rabbi story too - even if true doesn’t mean he wasn’t Palestinian tho does it


That is a lie which I have already shown to be so and provided the links showing said archaeological evidence.

The first defensive wall constructed by David around Jerusalem has been found and excavated as has the foundation of the temple.


His Hebrew/Jewish lineage is well documented and has been provided to you.

He was born in Bethlehem because his lineage was to the “House of David” and that is where Joseph was commanded to then appear to be counted in the census and taxed by the Romans.

Try learning something on the subject for a change instead of endlessly spouting ignorance.


Your whole argument rests on the existence of the bible as a factual record of happenings over 2000 years ago - without the bible you have NO argument, and I think thats why you keep banging on abt it.
So its highly debateable whether the bible is true and that notwithstanding the multitude of translators over centuries didn’t embelish the story a bit.
Sorry but I respect bible pushers abt as much as I do Imams or Rabbis - You are the ppl Jesus was warning us abt and I, at least, understand why…

there’s no direct evidence for the existence of god. And if you people who claim that there’s archaeological evidence for things such as the temple of Solomon, i think you’ve been reading the Indiana Jones book of archaeology. there is a total lack of evidence in Jerusalem for either David and Solomon

no archeological evidence that David or Solomon ever existed. The stories about them and the other kings, queens, prophets, heroes of ancient Israel are the stuff of ripping yarns.


LOL Dude I can find articles that support that BIGFOOT is God of the Flat Earth for fuck sake!

You really are a malicious snert that serves no purpose whatsoever but to obfuscate, muddle and slime your way through the days. You aren’t looking for truth, your looking to be confrontational for your own entertainment. It’s gotten old and tiresome.

You have ZERO enlightenment and ZERO original thought. You, kiddo, are a sludge-bot.


Crack open a gnostic gospel or two. You’ll see plenty of archeological evidence in them. Oh wait, you can’t because they are all locked up in the vatican archives! I have seen photostatic copies of the Book of James, Jesus’ brother. A Jesuit scholar showed them to me. They definitely exist.


That is one hell of an assumption


Then shut the fuck up!


Yeah but you can’t find even ONE article that proves God exists


At last we agree on something - I have no problem with Jesus but think he is not who we are told he is


Even saying that I know little means I probly know more than you by an order of magnitude.
So maybe its you that should STFU


I’ve already provided the archaeological evidence that shows your claims to be lies as well as numerous extra biblical sources.

You know you’re lying, we know you’re lying so you’re just making a fool of yourself as usual.

The broken and fragmentary inscription commemorates the victory of an Aramean king over his two southern neighbors: the “king of Israel” and the “king of the House of David.” In the carefully incised text written in neat Aramaiccharacters, the Aramean king boasts that he, under the divine guidance of the god Hadad, vanquished several thousand Israelite and Judahite horsemen and charioteers before personally dispatching both of his royal opponents. Unfortunately, the recovered fragments of the “House of David” inscription do not preserve the names of the specific kings involved in this brutal encounter, but most scholars believe the stela recounts a campaign of Hazael of Damascus in which he defeated both Jehoram of Israel and Ahaziah of Judah.

Until very recently, there was no evidence outside the Bible for the existence of King David. There are no references to him in Egyptian, Syrian or Assyrian documents of the time, and the many archaeological digs in the City of David failed to turn up so much as a mention of his name. Then, on July 21, 1993, a team of archaeologists led by Prof. Avraham Biran, excavating Tel Dan in the northern Galilee, found a triangular piece of basalt rock, measuring 23 x 36 cm. inscribed in Aramaic. It was subsequently identified as part of a victory pillar erected by the king of Syria and later smashed by an Israelite ruler. The inscription, which dates to the ninth century BCE, that is to say, about a century after David was thought to have ruled Israel, includes the words Beit David (“House” or “Dynasty” of David"). It is the first near-contemporaneous reference to David ever found. It is not conclusive; but it does strongly indicate that a king called David established a dynasty in Israel during the relevant period.

Another piece of significant evidence comes from Dr. Avi Ofer’s archaeological survey conducted in the hills of Judea during the last decade, which shows that in the 11th-10th centuries BCE, the population of Judah almost doubled compared to the preceding period. The so-called Rank Size Index (RSI), a method of analyzing the size and positioning of settlements to evaluate to what extent they were a self-contained group, indicates that during this period - David’s supposed period - a strong centre of population existed at the edge of the region. Jerusalem is the most likely candidate for this centre.

To sum up the evidence then: in the tenth century BCE, a dynasty was established by David; the population doubled in the hill country of Judah, which acquired a strong central point, probably Jerusalem, a previously settled site that was important enough to be mentioned in Egyptian documents. These facts are certainly consistent with the biblical account; but, before examining the biblical version, we should consider the nature of the Bible and of the historical material it contains.

By all means though, keep it up. There is great value in showing the world what and who people like yourself are.


It isn’t an assumption, there are no records to indicate otherwise.


If God came down and spoke to you in person you’d deny his existence but let’s try math and science.


I lived in NYC for 17 yrs. I never saw a baby pigeon, but I know they exist.
Have you ever seen a baby pigeon in person? I’m starting to doubt they exist now. As a matter of fact I’ve never seen a molecule or an atom either…just illustrations and digital representation but I’ve never seen the real thing. Maybe all that documentation is bullshit or just feeble minds making up shit they can’t explain.

Seeing is believing magog you are right…there is no such thing as God, baby pigeons, molecules or atoms.

Wow the universe just got SIMPLE again.


Funny isn’t it. The argument is that we can demonstrate those things exist with math.

At the same time the math tells us the improbability of all matter and energy from nothing without intelligent design by some being that is not bound by the laws of physics is immeasurably high.

Only one however is accepted by atheists.


That’s really pathetic.




That was a very interesting set of videos, thanks.

However, you are allowing the thread to be derailed from its original scenario.


It needed to be derailed.