MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH


Did you get to the part where Barbara described the tonnage of steel micro-balls which can be a by-product of burning thermite?

edit: I wanted to watch the OP video but Christmas got in the way. I don’t believe there is any point in my contributing more to this thread. I watched the horrific scenes in September 2001, it was shown live on UK TV. There have been a number of documentaries examining the weakening and collapsing process, and I accept that particularly since it would only take one floor to break its mountings and the rest stood no chance.

So I recommend we wait for the outcome of any further investigation, and meantime remember the poor souls and families thereof who perished that day.


Thanks for the opinion. Libs everywhere love your posts.


I doubt that very much - libs hate the truth even more than Joos do.


I strongly disagree - its good to talk



And this is what Jesus descendants have to put up with today


Seriously…anything that supports the claim that Palestinians are the rightful inhabitants of Israel will be welcomed by libs.


You are missing the obvious. Libs LOVE conservative crackpots. :wink:


And once again we’re talking about a completely different construction model, one that was doomed to fail under it’s own weight with just a few compromised floors.

Every conspiracy theory has been thoroughly debunked for anyone interested in facts.

See the first link I provided at the beginning of the thread.


Jesus has no descendants, he never married and never fathered any children.

His family however were all Jews.


“Palestinian” didn’t even exist as a concept in Jesus’ time. Heritage was based on what tribe one belonged to and there were no Arabs in Jesus’ family.

Jesus was a Jew, not an Arab, Persian, or Assyrian.


And you know that how?


Because everything we know of history teaches us that.

Definition of Palestine

region in southwestern Asia bordering on the eastern Mediterranean population 3,764,000

NOTE: Palestine dates back to ancient times, and over the centuries its boundaries, which have mostly been unofficial, have fluctuated and have been disputed or indistinct. It approximately includes or has included what is now Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, extending eastward either up to or beyond the Jordan River. Palestine was a part of the Ottoman Empire from 1516 to 1917. It was an official entity during the period 1923–48 under the mandate granted to Great Britain by the League of Nations to establish a responsible government in the region.

“Palestine” only existed as a distinct entity for 25 years under British Colonial rule.

Jesus man, go learn something for a change.


Jesus’ genealogy.


This is a map of Christ’s Palestine from the library of congress - the most interesting thing to note is what is missing - there is absolutely NO reference to Israel
Jesus was born in Bethlehem which is in Palestine ergo Jesus is Palestinian.
And ‘‘Jewish’’ is a religion not a nationality and don’t think anyone claims Jesus promoted Judaism.


Your only source for all your posts seems to be the bible which we have agreed is a work of fiction, so all your posts are based on erroneous information.


It is more than a work of fiction, The Old Testament is an allegory peppered with parables. Fables with a moral. An educational tome designed to be relatable and capable of being understood by a child. The New testament’s main character uses these same devices to teach are more narrative (and current) a lot of which is proven historically accurate. See the Thompson Chain reference Bible for specifics on any give scripture. Original language, translationS and historical references. You apparently have missed plenty.


In Christ’s time Israel had been defeated and divided several times since it was first united under King David.

Judea was under Roman Rule. Judea was the southern Kingdom after the division which occurred following King Solomon.

Learn some history you idiot.


I’ve provided numerous non biblical sources and you supposedly know that since you responded to them.

Jesus was not only a Jew, he was a Rabbi.

Jewish is not only a religion, it is an ethnicity.

Jewish heritage can be traced through DNA.


Yes I probly have and readily admit that I know little abt the Torah or the bible.
But I do know they are both books that promote some really evil stuff and I don’t think the real Jesus would want to be associated with any of it.
What I find most abhorrent and reprehensible is how the bible pushers use it as justifaction for what they do.


There is absolutely NO archaelogical evidence that David or Solomon ever existed.
The map I posted earlier clearly shows that Judea was part of Palestine and I say again that the only place Israel is ever mentioned is in the bible