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Don’t think there were any nations back then - the nation state is a relatively new concept.
Back then we were mostly nomadic, including and especially the 13 tribes.
Palestina may have been a region, which later became a nation and country.
But Israel has never been a nation and especially not a region.



Palestine has never been a nation or a country, it is and always has been a geographic region.

Is this just more of your usual lies or are you really that ignorant as well?


The kingdom of King David at the time of his death.


Israel during Solomon’s reign


Your ignorance and dishonesty are both astounding.


The ONLY place Israel is ever mentioned is in the bible.
The only place Solomon is ever mentioned is in the bible
The only place David is ever mentioned is in the bible
Palestine was referenced by the Greeks, the Romans, Alexander the Great, The Sumerians.
We have established conclusively that the bible is a work of fiction written by someone who heard voices in his head - Think the evidence is clear that the bible is just a good story ergo there is no Israel and never was any evidence that it ever existed.

King David and Solomon presided over a great empire in the Old Testament. And although Christian tradition fought long and hard to retain that myth, archaeological and historical investigation have comprehensively shown that there was no such great empire




You probly gonna call me anti-semitic again - well you know my answer to that




It has happened to me before. I quote a quote within a quote and both quotes are attributed to the same person. It is a quirk of the system, not a deliberate attempt to malign anyone.

Peace be among you all!


Not so! There is HATE…there is LOVE…and there is NOT CARING ENOUGH TO FEEL EITHER WAY…


Then your body has outpaced your brain. You have the wit and wisdom of a 7 year old.

Europe is not a nation. Asia is not a nation. The Middle East is not a nation. North America is not a nation. Palestine is not a nation.

Get the picture?


Magog a change of approach / attitude would do wonders for your argument, that and the ability to concede points when they are being made by other people. The Ad hominem approach has mold on it.

If we had been around a table in a pub carrying on this discussion, I guarantee you the next time you went to the bathroom, you would come out and find everyone had gone to another bar. This would have happened a long time ago.

I’m not saying you have to be liked, but being respected and being respectable is number one on the list of prerequisites to being heard.


We’ve already shown this claim to be lie and the links provided showing it to be.

Yet, in 1896, British archaeologist Sir Flinders Petrie found evidence of Israel’s existence as far back as 1200 B.C., precisely the time of the events in Judges. In the ruins of an Egyptian temple, he discovered a monument that narrated the military victories of Merneptah, an Egyptian pharaoh. In this beautifully carved pillar, dated around 1207 B.C., the monarch mentions the nation of Israel.

The Mesha stele, the longest Iron Age inscription ever found in the region, constitutes the major evidence for the Moabite language, and is a “corner-stone of Semitic epigraphy,”[5] and history.[6] The stele, whose story parallels, with some differences, an episode in the Bible’s Books of Kings (2 Kings 3:4–8), provides invaluable information on the Moabite language and the political relationship between Moab and Israel at one moment in the 9th century BCE.[7] It is the most extensive inscription ever recovered that refers to the kingdom of Israel (the “House of Omri”); it bears the earliest certain extra-biblical reference to the Israelite god Yahweh, and—if French scholar André Lemaire’s reconstruction of a portion of line 31 is correct—the earliest mention of the “House of David” (i.e., the kingdom of Judah).[3] It is also one of four known contemporary inscriptions containing the name of Israel, the others being the Merneptah Stele, the Tel Dan Stele, and the Kurkh Monolith.[8][9][10] Its authenticity has been disputed over the years, and some biblical minimalists suggest the text was not historical, but a biblical allegory, but the stele is regarded as genuine and historical by the vast majority of biblical archaeologists today.[11]

It would be bad enough if you were just ignorant but you are both ignorant and dishonest.


You are by definition an anti-Semite.


Ignorance and dishonesty, your two most outstanding character traits, next to hate of course.

Few modern Biblical archaeology discoveries have caused as much excitement as the Tel Dan inscription—writing on a ninth-century B.C. stone slab (or stela) that furnished the first historical evidence of King David from the Bible.

The Tel Dan inscription, or “House of David” inscription, was discovered in 1993 at the site of Tel Dan in northern Israel in an excavation directed by Israeli archaeologist Avraham Biran.

The broken and fragmentary inscription commemorates the victory of an Aramean king over his two southern neighbors: the “king of Israel” and the “king of the House of David.” In the carefully incised text written in neat Aramaiccharacters, the Aramean king boasts that he, under the divine guidance of the god Hadad, vanquished several thousand Israelite and Judahite horsemen and charioteers before personally dispatching both of his royal opponents. Unfortunately, the recovered fragments of the “House of David” inscription do not preserve the names of the specific kings involved in this brutal encounter, but most scholars believe the stela recounts a campaign of Hazael of Damascus in which he defeated both Jehoram of Israel and Ahaziah of Judah.

King Solomon’s defensive wall discovered.

Although its first discoverer is unknown, in 1828 CE, Jean–François Champollion, who also discovered the Rosetta Stone in 1799 CE, examined the Bubastite Portal gate (built in 925 BCE) at the temple of Amun in Thebes. On its walls, among the historical paintings, a long list of defeated peoples by Pharaoh Shoshenq is accessible, including those from the “Highland/Heights of David,” presumably led by King Rehoboam, which led Champollion to conclude that Pharaoh Shoshenq and King Shishak of Egypt, as referenced in 1 Kings in the Hebrew scriptures, are one and the same.

In 1868 CE, Missionary Frederick Augustus Klein discovered an intact stele in Dhiban, Jordan, called the “Mesha Stele” or the “Moabite Stone,” with text that he could not read. Although the stele was smashed by contentious locals the next year, a papier-måché impression had been made of it and the stele was reassembled. The inscription on the stele references the Moabites, their god, and also references the nation of Israel and Omri, her sixth king. Similar finds such as the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III and the Chronicle of Sennacherib also confirm the existence of Israelite kings during the Assyrian hegemony.

Between 1957 CE and 1971 CE, archaeologist Yigael Yadin began excavations at two of the three cities mentioned in 1 Kings 9 (fully at Hazor and in a cursory investigation at Megiddo), which had gates supposedly built by King Solomon c. 960 BCE. Based on compared archaeological evidence from all three sites, which included Macalister’s excavation report at Gezer from 1902–09 CE, Yadin concluded that the three city gates were designed by the same engineer (based on the same structural dimensions), built by the same workers (stylistically and methodologically from Phoenicia), and utilized the same material (they contained ashlar masonry quarried in Tyre). Additionally, in the 1860s CE, Charles Warren discovered a wall and courtyard in Jerusalem that were later found to be identical to the one in Megiddo and dating from the period of King Solomon.

In 1993 CE, Avraham Biran discovered the Tel Dan Inscription on a broken stele in northern Israel. The inscription commemorates the victory of an Aramean king over its southern neighbors, and specifically references both the “king of Israel,” and the “king of the House of David.” This is perhaps the first real, direct, historical evidence for the Davidic Dynasty in Israel.

In 2010 CE, Eilat Mazar and her team discovered a 10th century BCE wall between the Temple Mount and the modern-day Arab neighborhood of Silwan. The wall was part of a larger complex that included a gatehouse, guard tower, and other buildings. Based on artifacts found in and around the area, Mazar suspects that the wall is at least 3,000 years old, which would place its construction in the time period of King Solomon (as referenced in 1 Kings).

In 2012 CE, Eilat Mazar and her archaeological team discovered an ancient structure at the Ophel in Jerusalem that dated back to the Solomonic era. In a bedrock depression within that structure, the archaeologists also discovered a large storage jar (or pithos) with the earliest alphabetical letters ever found in Jerusalem written on an earthenware jug. Although the seals do not directly reference King David or King Solomon, the Ophel Inscription not only suggests an advanced society living in Jerusalem earlier than previously believed; it also indicates a fully-functioning administration that collected taxes and implemented regulations during the period of King Solomon’s reign.



IYep agree and Israel is not even a neighborhood let alone a nation


Can’t believe you just said that - what a hypocrite
Do you even know what ad hominem means?
Just look at the past few posts - apparently I am Hitler , ignorant, dishonest, antisemitic, hateful.
But I am the one attacking the person, not the message.
In fact I challenge you to find ONE post where I attack an individual rather than the message


Those are not ad hominems, they are accurate descriptions of you and your posts.


Buy a map.

Then take a couple of classes in geography and history.