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Doesn’t mean they didn’t write the bible


And it does not mean they did.


There is actually no archaelogical evidence to support the bible story


So who did,


I’ve never personally encountered someone who writes like you. It just does not add up… until I think of you in a radicalized mosque, praying with your radicalized Muslim brothers. Then it all makes sense.


Nonsense. There have been thousands of archeological finds that confirm much of what is written in the Old Testament. It is an embellished history from multiple sources that has been assembled to become a religious document.


But it does mean they could have and probly did


Who knows. They didn’t sign their work.


No it doesn’t. That is pure speculation.


So lets summarise - The bible was written by person or prsons unknown who might have been Jews but no-one really knows who wrote it.
I assume that you have also discounted the ‘Moses wrote it from voices in his head’ fantasy
That only leaves god - Now unless someone can prove the existence of a divine entity - sorry but I don’t buy that one either
So if we can’t prove god wrote it himself then anything contained in the bible must be suspect.
Which also means that any promise that Palestine would be bequethed to the Joos is also null and void
So no god NO ISRAEL


Your inability to use reason is getting the best of you.

Not your fault … the brain of a teenager is quite undeveloped.


And that is why I think that Joos wrote the bible - to justify the creation of Israel


Palestine has never been a nation, just a geographical region occupied by different tribes.

The 13 tribes of Hebrews became the nation of Israel established more than 3000 years ago. The first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was built circa 1,000BC.

You are nothing but a hate fill moron spewing jew hating lies.

“We” haven’t agreed on anything and if we did I’d have to seriously reconsider my position.


Palestine has been mentioned a multitude of times by many scholars in Greece Alxandria Rome.
Israel is only ever mentioned in the bible - why is that


The KJV was translated from Latin by scribes and theologians under the direction of King James I, hence, the name.

The first Christian Bible was put together by The Council of Nicea in AD 325 under the direction of Alexander the great.

Prior to that we just had the OT and NT books in separate form other than the Jewish Torah which had been assembled more than a thousand years earlier.


There is no mention of a nation of Palestine by either, just again, a geographical region.


This is simply a lie.

The fascination that the “Stele of Merneptah” holds is due to the fact that it features the first mention of the people of Israel to be found in any extrabiblical source, and the only one, so far, to occur in any Egyptian text. It is ironic and instructive that this should be an obituary notice: “Israel is laid waste, his seed is not!” Curiously, the second mention of Israel in any extrabiblical source – that in the triumphal inscription of Mesha, king of Moab – is of a similar character. It pronounces the verdict, in the ninth century B.C.E., that “Israel has perished forever!”

Of course, considering the source the lie isn’t at all surprising.


If that’s the case, they are incredible planners and forward thinking. That alone makes them the most intellectually superior people on Earth ever. Well except for the Aliens who created us by mixing their DNA with that of apes.



The myth of the Israelites


I have noticed that all your sources are jewish - why is that I wonder.
Fish swim
Birds fly
J…s lie