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Not sure what a modern map tells us abt Israels status during times past
Iran used to be called Persia and Israel used to be called Palestine until the British stole it and gave it to the Jews


The State of Israel was created in 1949. The Nation of Israel is thousands of years old.


The name “Israel” next appears around 1200 BCE on an Egyptian stone monument (known as the Merneptah stele) commemorating victories of Egypt’s Pharaoh Merneptah in Palestine. However it is not clear from this monument whether Israel refers to a group of people who do not live in cities or to a city-less area in Palestine.

But it is clear that there was no political entity named “Israel”

What the 8 Monuments tell us
Not a lot, except that from about 853 BCE to about 722 BCE we have clear evidence of a small kingdom of Israel around the city of Samaria. The regular Assyrian name for this kingdom was Land of Omri or House of Omri (c.f. I Kings 16:16-23). The only capital mentioned is Samaria. Without the Bible would historians have even called this Kingdom “Israel” at all? It would more likely be known as “Omri”.

There is no Archaeological evidence proving that ‘Israel’ ever existed.


You think repeating the same repeatedly discredited lies is helping your position? Really?

Pharaoh Merenptah was the son of Ramesses II. His temple in ancient Thebes is in a terrible state. However, in this temple Merenptah recorded on a large stone the battles that he had in the land of Canaan. This record is called the Merenptah Stele and is now in the Egyptian Museum. The stele itself is dated to 1207 BC and at the bottom of the stone Pharaoh Merenptah speaks of his war with Israel saying, ‘Israel is laid waste, its seed is no more.’

The Egyptian record of Pharaoh Merenptah also helps to confirm the story of the Bible. In Judges 1:29, we learn that ancient Israel was not able to take the city of Gezer. But Pharaoh Merenptah, with much greater military might managed to take the city that was too strong for Israel. The stele says, ‘Gezer has been captured.’

The Merenptah stone also teaches us about the ‘Russian Roulette’ element of archaeology. The Merenptah stele proves that there was an ancient people called Israel living in their land by 1200 BC, but if this stone was still buried in Egypt, the next mention of Israel outside of the Bible is found four hundred years later!

If the Merenptah stele was still buried, archaeologists would be telling us now that ancient Israel only existed by the time of 800 BC, based on the Moabite stone and later Assyrian records. However, the Merenptah stone gives us a permanent date for the existence of ancient Israel that cannot be dismissed – the Bible was right after all and perhaps there are other artefacts still buried in Egypt that will one day reveal more!

As was already shown the archaeological evidence in Jerusalem of the first generation defensive wall built by King David as well as the remnants of the first temple are indisputable.


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From your link - which I think is sourced from the bible

‘’ record reveals that ancient Israel was a distinct people’’

So there you have it a people - probly nomads but no nation is mentioned


Even the Jerusalem post has doubts

The Exodus is so fundamental to us and our Jewish sources that it is embarrassing that there is no evidence outside of the Bible to support it. So we prefer not to talk about it, and hate to be asked about it.

Now back on track


Nations use to exist without borders for many peoples. The Cherokee nation, The lakota Sioux, The Zulu nation, etc etc…as time passed and borders were created around them, eventually a land would be established…Israel was just a recent example of that evolution. For centuries the nation of Israel WERE the people. And in that regard it is mentioned PLENTY in historical documents.


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The record shows they went to war with Israel.

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At that time the whole concept of nations and empires was in its infancy and written language was just beginning to develop.


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