Mass Casualty incident in Wisconsin… Car plows through Christmas parade… Developing…

Not sure what to make of this event, however the FGBIGAR says false flag operation to stir up more shit just right after the Rittenhouse trail has been concluded. Its too coincidental!

We just heard screaming up the parade route and looked over, and the red jeep or SUV came barreling through,” Michael Hurst, a woodworker from Waukesha whose son was almost hit by the truck, told Heavy in a phone interview. “I pulled my son away. He probably got missed by about a foot. There was a little kid next to us that got hit. I did see dead bodies. The amount of people who are going to be dead from this, it might even be worse than that Las Vegas shooting . They have a whole block of Main Street that is casualties. We did hear that there were active shooters. We don’t know where that came from or if that’s true. The police pulled me into a building and said to stay in there, get in there, there’s active shooters. One officer told us they did stop the active shooters. My son was out in that street grabbing candy.”

The abandoned SUV was located by police officers in a driveway, according to scanner. An officer said that a bullet struck the windshield but there was no evidence anyone inside the vehicle was hit.

A woman wrote Heavy, “A relative lives in Waukesha, a black guy with dreads knocked on her door shortly after the incident at the parade. She wouldn’t let him in and he proceeded to go across the street trying to break into a building. My daughter called 911 with a description and they said they think he was driving the SUV that drove into all the people.” Police have not confirmed the suspect description, but they did describe the suspect as possibly being a “black male” on the scanner.

A law enforcement source said one of two suspects are in custody** ; another is being sought. The police chief, Dan Thompson, would say only that police have apprehended a “person of interest.”

According to the scanner, police found the suspect’s ID in the vehicle and a Ford key on him.**

Eyewitness — “Just talked to a friend – she said she saw bodies flying. They were shooting out the windows as they drove through, running people over,”

More on this later

Another source with more detailed info

The red SUV found but no further details as to who the driver is has not been released yet.

UPDATE: Driver is identified

Details not released yet- gee wonder what the driver looks like…

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What are you thinking? Motives?

The reason I ask is this seems too coincidental right after less than a week of the conclusion of the Rittenhouse Verdict. Am I wrong for having such suspicions?

More details on this tragedy. This was after I posted this OP

Also curious quote in which I was thinking the same thing long before I read this.

Details are sketchy as the incident is recent. However, given the recent controversy surrounding Kyle Rittenhouse in Wisconsin, many are speculating this was a revenge attack targeting a white audience.

Driver is Black- Joy Reid making him out to be a hero in 3, 2, 1…


Her and Behar together

Can’t you see their mean pinch bitter evil faces seep right through? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Another one of the HERO’S of prosecutor Thomas Binger. He fits that morons bill of heroes .

I bet this turd will be released no bail

He has a record of multiple felonies and was just released for another felony charge on a $1,000.00 cash bond.

Our justice system no longer protects the innocent. Until that changes, we will have lunatics like this out on the streets.


Haven’t you heard? People here think I am nuts for saying this but there is some real tell tale signs that something much larger such as a plan that is taking place here. This all part of a preconditioning process to which at a certain time this is all going to come to a head where the lawmakers on capital hill in particular of the Marxist kind are going a make a case for Gun confiscation. Why do you think they are busing in illegals all over the country? Do you think these people that they just let into the country without any vaccines and mask requirements are just these poor scrabbler South Americans wanting a new life who are going to vote Democrat? Better think again, and get used to the idea that mixed in with those are trained mercenaries that will be part of a larger agenda when the time is right.

Here just to give you an idea that supports my premise:

Back during the Bolshevik revolution the first thing they did was released all the criminals from jail. Why? To create as much chaos in order to break the system. That is exactly what these Marxist in DC are trying to do. History doesn’t repeat itself it rhymes!

Some people here for some time have been warning us about something coming and now I know why. First they install an illegitimate president by rigging the elections, next they use a virus with a less than 1% mortality rate to stoke fear and justify violating and taking individual liberties away. Then they weaponize the FBI to go after parents and raid homes of their political adversaries and now the armed Americans who stand in their way for bigger and better things. They can say anything and do anything with impunity! This administration whose mask and vaccine mandate has been handed a court ruling that deems their Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional. Do they stop? Nope! They clearly are intending to ignore it and keep on going. This is on another level unprecedented never seen before in the history of our country and the people who have been warning us such as the preppers are turning out to be right!

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I think the illegals are getting bussed in to replace the massive amounts of Americans leaving the work force because of mandates, just wait until rural towns have rooms full of foreigners in work spaces full of anti Americans that can’t speak English.
A. You will be called a racist for complaining. Which will lead to drug abuse and suicide.
B. Education will go down the tubes
C. Massive hate crime arrest for thinking .

Yeah I am not inclined to believing its just illegals that they are busing in, but more to your point, all the more conflicts to create more chaos the better it is for them to justify gun confiscation and usher in a totalitarian state. We are getting there now with everything that is happening. When our own lawmakers break the law and violate the constitution then its a huge red flag that things are spiraling downward pretty quickly where no one is being held accountable! By this I mean we are getting to the point where we will be responsible for our own security. Think it can’t happen? Just go and look at South Africa! It most certainly did happen and most certainly can happen in America too!

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I think we should have civilian tribunals for politicians and judges that vote against our Bill of Rights.

Face the consequences

I would love nothing more than to see that happen, but the problem is who or what force is going to make that happen without having a military or militia coup of some kind? We are just too fragmented as a society to have any semblance of a militia army that can stand up and is willing to fight. What we might see is pockets of resistance to which there will most likely be individual states drawing their own borders between red and blue persuasions. Realistically speaking this is how I see it going down. The US military in an attempt to do the Federal governments bidding is in no way in any shape to do that. Besides, China and Russia would just love any opportunity to invade as they would be called in to aide this asshole traitor admin when they realize they can’t control it.

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Racism the black type no one talks about . This moron was a black rapper , go figure , who rapped about the kyle case and he was NOT in favor of a NOT GUILTY verdict .
The moron is an BLM supporter and even put out post on how to run over people and get away with it ! Monty’s type of HERO .
His CRIMINAL history domestic abuse 4 times , resisting arrest 3 times ,battery , and bail jumping - court costs so far 0 .

Darrell Brooks. Black Lives Matter • Bruce On Politics

There’s also judicial miscoduct with the bail decisions in two successive cases. With absurdly low bail posted.
Time to have judges held accountable for their actions as well as overzealous DAs.

No doubt, but looking at the bigger picture as to why this is being allowed such as the 30,000 feet from above view then its pretty obvious that the Marxists have taken the over the country and intend to destroy it from within. Corrupt judges from blue states are all doing this type of stuff, such as releasing known criminals on either lesser charges, or lower bail settings with rap sheets longer than a country mile. Look at the symptoms rather the crime itself is what the focus should be. Where are the Hollywood celebrities and their fake moral outrage now?