Mass Casualty incident in Wisconsin… Car plows through Christmas parade… Developing…

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With his criminal record and the number killed and injured how in the World is a bail of $1000 just ? Is this nitwit related to the Clinton’s , maybe one of Bill’s sons from the black females he was banging ?

Uh Oh! Someone is going off script! This is going to leave a mark.

You see? They are not hiding it anymore. When they joke about it, they really sincerely believe it!

Jailbirds of Kerensky (Russian: Птенцы Керенского, Ptentsy Kerenskogo)[1] was the informal term used during the Russian Revolution for people who were released from Russian jails on amnesty. A total of three amnesties were enacted by Russian Minister of Justice Alexander Kerensky in 1917. According to some historians, about 90,000 political prisoners were released along with an unknown number of non-political prisoners.[ citation needed

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The point is this is what dye in the wool Marxists do in order to systematically take over a country. First import illegals Mercenaries, then release prisoners to create as much chaos and terror as possible, except in our situation its normalized under plausible deniability under the guise of American politics.

Waukesha Car-Ramming Attacker Ran Over a Woman Earlier in November and Was Released on a $1,000 Bond . This time he killed 5 and put 40 plus in the hospital , among them CHILDREN AND INFANTS . These dem HEROES are lining up to cause harm to those that disagree with the BLM and dem agenda . BLM are claiming a revolution has started and they are ALL in !!!

He is one of many with similar circumstances where they commit a crime and are released on low bail within days then go out and commit another crime. San Francisco, New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, what am I leaving out here? Get it? Its happening all over the country!

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It’s almost impossible to see America have large scale stadiums full anymore… we are flooding our country with ppl that will never assimilate to western civilization… and they will attack in ways that will be immeasurable.

That actually might be a good thing. Staying away from places where mass amounts of people assemble? No thank you! I know what you mean too, but people don’t trust one another anymore either, that is why getting out of the city should be every ones priority if they can do it.

Who does this if either:

  1. They are mentally ill?

  2. Is a paid operator by the deep state?

Very weird seeing this guy waiting for the cops to show up then freely gives himself up.

At least there is one judge to set reasonable bail for this idiot. SJWs will call him a racist and file suit to reduce his bail. Look for Sharpton on camera soon.

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