Mask proves toxic for children

Keep wear those mask lmfao

As mask mandates on children sweep the nation, HighWire host Del Bigtree’s 11-year-old son, Ever, joins him on stage to test his levels of carbon dioxide inside a mask, face shield, and cloth bandana. The results from the OSHA approved testing device should shock any parent.



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I bet it speeds up Covid propagation. Someone needs to prove that.

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If masks are toxic for children, they can’t be good for adults, either.

Got a link to this story?

I had a great video proving masks are harmful but the evil ones removed it because it was factual proof of harm and this doesn’t suit the fear based narrative they are pushing.


Translation by Google

Are breathing masks dangerous for children?
April 22, 2020 08:02 pm

Breathing masks lead to increased absorption of carbon dioxide and moisture as well as the accumulation of germs. This makes them particularly dangerous for children, according to anonymous warnings. Is that correct?

By Wulf Rohwedder, (German TV)

Harmful carbon dioxide collects under respiratory masks, which can lead to respiratory paralysis, especially in children. In addition, they would retain moisture and germs that would collect in the lungs - a pediatrician had also confirmed this. These and similar anonymous claims are currently widely used on social networks, especially on WhatsApp.

Air exchange must not be hindered
Can breathing masks really filter out and retain carbon dioxide (CO2)? The gas is a natural product of metabolic processes in the lungs: the inhaled air contains about 20 percent oxygen. When the gas is exchanged in the lungs, atmospheric oxygen is absorbed by the red blood cells and carbon dioxide is released into the breathing air. As a result, the exhaled air contains only about 17 percent oxygen, but four percent carbon dioxide.

If you hinder the exchange of air, for example by tying a gas-tight bag over your head and tying it, the oxygen content would continue to drop and the proportion of carbon dioxide would increase accordingly.

Carbon dioxide is not blocked
However, this effect does not exist in breathing masks: carbon dioxide molecules are much too small to be held back by breathing masks. Even masks of the highest protection class FFP3 can only retain particles up to a size of 0.6 micrometers, which is 0.0006 millimeters. However, a carbon dioxide molecule has a diameter of 3.24 angstroms, i.e. 0.000000324 millimeters. It is almost 2000 times smaller and therefore passes the masks without any problems. Therefore, carbon dioxide can only be separated from the air with highly complex special filters.

more on the subject
Corona overlays: what you need to know about protective masks
In addition, the air volume under the mask itself is very low and is in constant exchange. The body also reacts very quickly with warning signs of excessive levels of carbon dioxide in the air we breathe, as the research portal Mimikama writes. Only masks that close off the face area and thereby hinder the exchange of air are potentially dangerous, for example certain snorkel masks if they are used as breathing masks for other purposes.

Hygiene is important
Respirators with owls, dinosaurs, llamas and monkeys Image source: AFPgalerie Without proper use and care, masks can be harmful - for both children and adults.
It is correct that condensed water can collect in the masks and that germs can also colonize. Professional masks therefore have a defined maximum wearing time. With makeshift masks, it is all the more important to comply with hygiene rules: after use, for example, they should be washed at least 60 degrees, put in the oven at 80 degrees for ten minutes, or ironed. Placing on dirty surfaces should be avoided as well as frequent touching of the masks

— Without proper use and care, masks can be harmful - both in children and in adults.

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Wearing a mask: “In young children, the mask can be dangerous,” says Professor Franck Chauvin.
“We have to find ways of living with children who would not have a mask rather than forcing something that is not reasonable,” said Francekiv member Franck Chauvin of the Scientific Council.

The Scientific Council recommends the wearing of the mandatory mask in middle and high schools from May 11, the date of deconfinement. This recommendation does not apply to primary schools. “In young children, the mask can be dangerous,” said Monday April 27 on Franceinfo Franck Chauvin, member of the Scientific Council.

“In young children, the mask can be dangerous,” says the scientist. “Toddlers, it’s impossible to make them wear a mask. We need to find ways to live with children who would not have a mask rather than forcing a measure that is not reasonable.”

At first, children appeared to be more contagious than adults. In the end, we may be on an "inverse pattern. Studies done abroad show that children may be less contagious than adults, whereas we were rather on an inverse pattern when the decision to close schools have been taken. Therefore, the danger of opening schools would be less than initially envisaged, “explained Franck Chauvin, who adds that” this should be confirmed by other studies. "

For the moment, “no home” has left a school, a college or a high school. “It is extremely important even if we have seen a very large circulation in colleges and high schools. Knowledge is built as the epidemic develops.”

Thise first video has been deleted from YouTube.

This video shows the CO2 levels with a n95 mask.


Your videos prove that the claim by the German TV is false.

There isn’t enough air trapped inside the mask to be toxic when kids inhale.

Oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules can pass the mask fabric, but it doesn’t mean sufficient exchange of air occurs.

Try to hold water using a towel. Surely water can pass the towel and eventually drain, but how many minutes does it take?

And how many times do we breath in a minute?

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I saw a similar video. A man put a % oxygen meter in front of his mouth and displayed the reading to the camera. Then put on a mask and inserted the probe under it. The reading was much less than without the mask.

I couldn’t see the graduations on the scale, but in the first reading, the pointer looked like a fuel gauge at about 3/4 full tank. The second looked like 1/4 full tank.

Common sense tells me that covering your mouth and nostrils with a mask will raise the concentration of CO2 as you exhale and cause you to inhale air with a higher concentration of CO2 in taking your next breath. More CO2 means less oxygen content.

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I have lots of links to my sources the system is set up to REJECT MY POST because some pricks don’t like the source so they run and report like good little leftist whores do.

That’s why I didn’t bother using a link.

Sheep never get it do they no matter what yu put before these losers.

Notice how truth disappears.

They have it over here youtube is losing ppl because of this bs " removing" I hope the bastard financially tank but they won’t not any time soonn.

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