Maryland Cop Shoots Crazed Man with Knife

This is an insane video!

The Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland released this footage today

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What a stupid idiot. Are we going to see all of the race baiters throwing tantrums over this one? Probably not because the idiot clearly was in the wrong.

Oh and looks like Twitter took the video down. Must not be aligned to their untrue narrative that black folks never do anything wrong, ever.

One less moron the Country has to deal with !!! We all know when a white shoots a black man jobs are lost and prison is near ,facts do NOT matter . More and more businesses and political officials are more concerned with the billion in damage and looting than true justice . Equal rights are NOT equal !!!

Why, as a society, do we continue to tolerate these people?

Actually, I see it as a video of an insane man being shot.

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This is happening in Europe almost everyday, especially in France.

Suicide by cop.

I feel bad for the officer. He has to live with taking a life for the rest of his life.

It’s pretty sad that this is the world we now live in. I am sure if this wasn’t recorded, we would have never have known the *real * story. And the MSM would be jumping on this; and calling this awful incident a “Hate Crime”.

I feel bad for the officer that had to put himself and his fellow officers at risk on a daily basis. It’s ashame.

I just love when the police do what they need to do in order to take one more feral jogger off the streets. Joggers pretty much cause problems wherever they go and have a pattern of attacking people who are pointing weapons out them. It’s due to the low IQ and diminished brain capacity consistently found in joggers everywhere.


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Before you know it, these joggers will be yelling from the rooftops (or in this case, sidewalks), “Hands Up! Don’t shoot!” :roll_eyes:

A lot of joggers get eliminated from plain stupidity. If someone’s got a gun squared at you, and you go to grab it to wrestle it away, you’re getting shot. Simple cause and effect in play.

In this case - add a knife to the mix and watch the level of stupidity increase, while the police officer maintained excellent social distancing - saving the taxpayers from a whole lot of future jogger shenanigans.

If that guy was on a biker, you don’t think people would be switching this conversation that “bikers get eliminated from plain stupidity”? I don’t think joggers are that. It’s just so happens that he and that Arby kid were “joggers”. Which makes it “eliminated from stupidity”. JMO

Is it really necessary to glorify police brutality like this? I don’t understand you guys at all. You are supposedly all about freedom. Doesn’t that mean people have the freedom to not be murdered by police? Oh that’s right, that doesn’t apply to people of color.

My two cents. If I’m waving a weapon at a police officer, and I’m told to drop it, and I won’t, well, I would expect to be shot. Myself, always willing to cooperated with someone holding a large caliber handgun.

The man in this video was holding a knife. he clearly was mentally unstable and the police officer should have waited for mental health professionals to arrive to help calm the man down. Instead the police officer just decided to kill the man instead of helping him.

Didn’t see any Liberals jumping on this, and crying cold blooded murder. Justice for James: Black Cop Shoots Unarmed White Veteran …

I thought the man was rushing the officer with a knife. Did I miss something? Mentally unstable? Well it appears he’s been stabilized.

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Didn’t see any Liberals jumping on this, and crying cold blooded murder. Justice for James: Black Cop Shoots Unarmed White Veteran …Robert Arnold was suspended indefinitely after the killing. According to the Arnold’s suspension report written by the former Orange, TX Police Chief Sam Kittrell, Arnold was suspended from the police department not only for his actions in killing the unarmed man, but also for his past acts of aggression as a police officer. For instance, Arnold once punched a young teenage girl in the face and tried to hit a man with a metal pipe but missed and instead broke his fellow police officer’s leg. The Police Chief went on to say that Arnold should have let the man get in his truck and leave and the Police Chief even said that Arnold could not have possibly felt physically threatened by Whitehead.

The world does not revolve around your insecurities and weakness.

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You don’t wait when a man is charging at you with a knife.