Mark Sanford and the primaries

Former South Carolina governor (and former House member) Mark Sanford has just announced that he will be challenging Donald Trump in the primaries.

Of course, the man has no chance of prevailing.

He could, however, weaken Donald Trump for the general election. (Those who primary a sitting president often have the effect of weakening him.)

So one has to wonder: Is this his intention?

Certainly, there is bad blood between the two. But this sort of animosity seems…well, over-the-top.

Nobody outside of South Carolina knows who this RINO is. Only CNN and MSNBC will care about this. He’s just looking to get paid to bash Trump part-time on cable news.

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I seriously doubt he will weaken Trump. This guy is a total d-bag who cheated on his wife by having a secret affair with some Argentinian Lolita while using Tax payers money to pay for lavish trips! This guy should be in jail not running for president. It amazes me how Narcissists continue to be clueless, then again not surprising as most politicians are that way, as it seems a trait that is a job requirement!

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This is nothing but a stunt to raise his profile and maybe put together some campaign money to run for a different office or to use to buy himself an appointment somewhere down the line.

He’s going nowhere. He burnt whatever chances he ever had at a national office when he self destructed as governor.

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The GOP field is getting deep! This guy, Bill Weld, and Joe Walsh. This one’s going to be a nail biter.

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In a post-Trump world, it actually sounds like he’s hit most of the checkmarks. All he needs now is 27 sexual assault/rape accusations, an incestuous obsession with his daughter, a pee tape in Russian possession and he might have a shot!

The pee tape never existed and just how many of those “accusations” have been shown to be true?
Anyone can make an accusation.

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Awe! You try too hard to impress. Truth is your material is old and unoriginal! You might have better luck giving your neighbor a hand job!

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And Trump isnt a douche bag for cheating on his wives?

Cheating on your wife isn’t a crime. Trump wasn’t doing it on the taxpayer’s dime, Sanford was…

He then abandoned his post as governor without telling anyone and hid for days while trying to figure a way out.

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What is the matter? Wearing your jeans too tight again?

Try this for your butthurt!



27 ? That’s it most billionaires have at least 100 attempts of black mail. Trump is pretty good

How many woman did Billy " I can’t keep it in my pants " clinton sexually assault

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It is rather sad that you evidently do not know how to be analytical–or, even worse, do not care to be.

You seem to be merely a pure partisan–who does not wish to see actual facts get in the way of a good narrative…

I am not the one bending over and letting Trump fuck me up that ass at every opportunity. That special treat is reserved for you and other Trump supporters unless you prefer to be on your knees.

I have sometimes criticized President Trump for being just overly coarse; and I will do so again.

But this post is a new high–or should I say, a new low?–in coarseness.

What can i say Trump is my inspiration!

Interesting that even though you think its coarse you did not disagree.

But you are taking it up the ass you just haven’t figure it out yet, which makes this comment and the rest of your one dimensional ones on this site so grossly entertaining. Trump lives in your head rent free and if you weren’t so butthurt why else do you feel the urge to vent for your alter ego to express such contempt? The answer is: You are a snowflake victim!

The beauty behind your TDS and your one dimensional posts here is that you do more to diminish your cause than to elevate it! In other words while burping up your soy latte your contributing to the demise of progressivism when resorting to such insults and for that I have to thank you, because your ignorance is fun to watch and insures 4 years of misery for people like you!

Here is a special snowflake for you!


Keep reading, cheezies hemorrhoids were just beginning to sprout with that one.