Mark Sanford and the primaries

Take a look at the number of posts you make defending Trump compared to what I post.

The difference is that I post now and again because I have a life that involves being a productive member of society, you looking at the regularity of your posts not so much.

Sad and pathetic existence but after all your a Trump supporter so you live vicariously through his adventures.

I do look at my posts, and you come nowhere close to me as far as the subject matters I discuss or explore. I don’t always agree with Trump, but I do agree with core issues that he advocates for. You on the other hand can’t even be honest with yourself, and going for the insult first says more about your inability to have rational discussions or putting forth diverse intelligent ones for that matter says all I need to know about your true character! Essentially you lose! So again, thank you so much for confirming what I already know! Now go back to living in your self denial, because truly its you who is pathetic!

For someone who goes around this site continuously belittling and insulting others it is funny to see you try and take the moral high ground.

Your now boring me with your never ending posting of meaningless garbage so I will tip my hat and bid you farewell. You are free to spout some more drivel so please carry on.

What a screaming hypocrite.

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I had forgotten what a joke his “affair” was. Disappeared for a week to hike the Appalachian Trail. This woman was toying with him and he jumped in with BOTH feet…until 2014 when she tired of the game.

After leaving office, Sanford was photographed in January 2011 by the Argentinian magazine Caras together with Chapur at a Uruguayan resort in Punta del Este.[49]

In August 2011, in an interview with the New York Times , Sanford was asked whether it was still the case that Chapur was his “soul mate”. He responded, “I would say that I have more than well described all of my emotions and feelings toward Maria. And out of fairness to my boys and to folks that I’ve hurt, I’m not going to say more than this: any of those seemingly goofy feelings that I described a couple years back have intensified, not dissipated, with time.”[50]

In August 2012, Sanford became engaged to Chapur.[51]

In 2013, Sanford ran in and won the special election to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Tim Scott from the United States House of Representatives. Chapur made no public appearances during the campaign with the exception of one. She attended the victory party on April 2 to celebrate Sanford’s winning the Republican primaries. The party was the first time that Chapur met two of Sanford’s children.[52]

Sanford and Chapur’s engagement was broken off in September, 2014.[53][54]

He thinks he can be PRESIDENT?

Hilarious hubris on that one.



It gets more hilarious…

In 2018, Maria Belen Chapur went public with criticism against President Donald Trump. In an article on that dust up, the Post and Courier referred to her as Mark Sanford’s ex. Sanford had lost a primary for Congress, and Trump said of Sanford’s primary opponent, “And she beat a man that likes flamingo dancers from Argentina.”

Chapur responded on Facebook: “President Trump, with all respect Flamingo (sic) is a Spanish dance, Spain is situated geographically in the European continent (just in case you ignore it)…Tango is the Argentinian dance ….though for sure you don’t care at all.”

The Flamingo Dancer is still by her man after all. Trump sure has a way with those nicknames.



That is fking hilarious! You responded to me and then you accuse me of posting garbage? Thanks for showing everyone here what a true moron here looks like! You take the cake! If I post garbage then why did you respond to me originally? Answer is: Because Trump lives inside your head and you can’t help yourself due to your butthurt! Thank you for proving I am right! All too funny watching beta soy drinking males like you revealing their stupidity here on a daily basis its rather entertaining!

What did you contribute exactly to this thread that is either thought provoking or furthers dialogue? Hmm? (Scratches head for a moment) Uh that would be zero! Yeah! Ok! I am the boring one! Ha!

A bit of advice to you, if you don’t like my response to you, then stop responding to me in order to try to instigate shit! Actually practice what you preach for once in your sorry ass life soyboy!

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