Marianne Williamson Asked White People to Apologize to Black People

I’m literally shaking right now. That’s the most racist white supremacist photo that I’ve ever seen. Look at how scared all of those black people look. This must have been taken the moment before Trump put them on a slave ship and sold them into bondage. Shocking.

The “I have black friends” defense. Hahahahaha

:laughing: Vice versa. They all wanted to be friends with Donald Trump.
But once he ran against Killary the collective TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) began.
You need to snap out of it.

It’s the demoRATS that need to apologize , those guilt ridden morons !!!

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You know what? That is ridiculous. Everything I’ve seen you post diminishes black people. You are worse than what you claim to vilify.

Not that it matters to you, but there are a lot of people who actually are friends with black people. For real. Real friends. Not tied together for any other reason than they get along and have a great time together.

That you have to diminish that with your SJW crap is disgusting… and typical.

My post is just about Trump. That’s it.

Don’t generalize my position.

Your post was not only a generalization but diminishing and quite frankly insulting.

In response to a picture of Trump. Who I claim is racist.

When someone who is accused of being racist and trouts out the “I have black friends” defense… I laugh.

It’s only a generalization about racists who use that as a defense. It is not a generalization for non-racists.

Yes, you claim he is a racist.

Yet, there are black people who support Trump. There are black people who agree with Trump. More and more every day.

What would you say to the black people who support Trump and agree with what he said?


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True there are black people who supports him. Not true that there are more and more everyday. As a matter of fact… after the “go back” comments… he will lose the small percentage he has.

After last week… I’d say they are misguided. But they have a right to support whoever they want.

I would believe that about anyone who supports his comments last week. Telling 4 minorities to “go back to their country” is the most racist thing he has uttered in public. He assumed that these 4 women had a country, other than the US, that they should go back to. He based this purely on their race and/or their ethnic names. That is the text book definition of racism

Quite the conundrum, isn’t it. :thinking:

At the same time condescending.

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There are black people who support Trump. Fact.

I’ve never before seen so many who are woke and abandoning the democrat plantation.

That the unemployment rate has been lowered for black people under the Trump administration. Fact.

It is your opinion that black people will not support his comments about a muslim who married her brother and committed immigration fraud who is now a member of congress under fraudulent circumstances.

Wow, you really give black people no credit for being able to think for themselves do you. You give them no credit for loving this country first and foremost. Their rightful place in it against the likes of Omar?

Of course you would.

You are stuck on stupid.

If they love the countries that they extol rather than the country they live in, they do need to go live in them. First hand. In all the glory that they’ve never experienced. It will be a rude awakening for them. A humbling experience. When they have been humbled, they can then come crawling back on their knees. And maybe a bit wiser can educate SJW like you that this is the best game in town.

Oh very much so…

Black people and plantation… lol.

Please provide a comment by any of those 4 women who said their “other country” was better than the US. I would even take an insinuation that their country of origin was better than the US.

Then maybe you should actually look at the issue at hand and educate yourself on why so many agree with what Trump said. Be they black or white.

Did you find the quote? You know the quote of them saying their country of origin is better than the US?

Did you look at the issue or are you just blind?

You said this…

Where is the quote from any of the 4, where they directly or indirectly state that their is a country that is better than the US?