Marco Rubio Wants Americans to Abandon their Racial and Ethnic Identities

Starts speech criticizing Democrats for not sufficiently fighting anti-semitism.

Next breath: calls on Americans to relinquish their racial and ethnic identities

Do you see what’s going on here folks?


They want us to give in, like some cult - mindless obedients are what they’re always longing and so desperate for; easier to sway the masses when their minds have been in a blender, like a herd of cattle.

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So this is the message I just heard:

Ethnic identity is bad but only when non-semites do it. Only specific semites are allowed.


The west is under their control, our governments are on their side, so there is no law abiding legal way out of this mess, yet. People everywhere are getting fed up with this shit. They pushed too hard too fast.

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Marco Rubio is one of the biggest cuck RINOs in the Republican Party. I don’t understand how he maintains his seat…of wait…his voter base votes along racial/ethnic lines. Low key racial pandering is how Marco Rubio built and maintains his political career. The guy is a Grade A hypocrite.


You first Marco! How many times has this guy brought up that he is the son of Cuban immigrants?


“Ethnostate for me, but not for thee, goyim. Now cut your dick off and give your daughter to Tyrone over there!”

Of course he is absolutely right, Americans come in all forms of race, color, creed and ethnicity so course identity politics liberal leftist progressives will oppose it and insult him since they don’t want unity they want division.

All politics is identity politics.

Our diversity is our strength. The only people who seem to not care about that is Donald Trump and his supporters. “Send them back” “send them back”

Send who back?

“People with foreign sounding names who can’t possibly be American enough”

First if all President Trump didn’t say that and 2nd didn’t you provide the actual Tweet where no race or country was mentioned disproving your claim that there was.

This racial narrative is nothing but another liberal lie and another attack on President Trump and projection of racial and bigoted liberals. It’s not working on me so you can save your breath because I will say what Trump didn’t say.

Brace yourself now …SEND HER BACK!!

America, Love it or Leave it!!

He might be correct if he applied his rhetoric to everyone, but he didn’t.

Trump didn’t say what? Send them back? Oh you are right he said “go back to your country” to 4 US citizens, 3 natural born.

Race must be mentioned in order for something to be racist? Really?

Anywho… We must embrace our diversity. Rubio does so by touting his Cuban heritage. And I respect him for it.

In 2013, of the approximately 660,000 crimes of interracial violence that involved blacks and whites, blacks were the perpetrators 85 percent of the time.

That means they have a 367% +/- more inclination to commit crime, seeing as whites outnumber them around 4-1.

But…diversity is our strength :ok_hand:


I’m sure you have the FBI source data to back up this assertion?

Here is the study with all official data sources cited, not like you will read it.

Color-Of-Crime-2016.pdf (2.2 MB)

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I am reading it… it is a lot to digest. I’ll get back to you.

But as a follow up question, let’s say all of this data is sound. What are you suggesting is the solution?

For starters, getting people to stop spreading the lie that “diversity is our greatest strength” because it isn’t. Most people like being with their own kind and there is nothing wrong with that. Some groups of people are smarter and more successful than others. There is nothing wrong with that either. Forced diversity and inclusion is nauseating and should be illegal, not the other way around.


Well this is bullshit. Race has zero to do with how smart you are. No correlation whatsoever

Are you kidding?

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