Manlet Meltdown

All us manlets got to get together and organize against tall guys.

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Manlets rise up!

Put women in cages!

One of my greatest fears is manlets rising up and replacing humans as the apex species of Earth.

Even scarier thought, a whitelet/squato alliance… dozens of meter-tall beanlets in outfits made of grass and reeds, surrounding herds of our women, firing grappling nets at them out of launchers that look like ears of corn, while whitelet overseers, saddled in Shetland ponies, shout commands in a mix of Mayan and Spanish… terrifying.

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Not the best optics on the incel’s part ranting in public about how he cant get laid because of his short stature (albeit we don’t know what preceded it), but I hate that ■■■■■■ who tackled him more. Would he have tackled that ■■■■■■ bull who beat up the three sows at Disney? I don’t think so. The crowd let that ■■■■■■ beat up three different sows before a crowd of them teamed up and piled on. There was no risk here. White knights are natural born cowards.

Ok, this manlet looks old for 45. I’m 45 and look 10 years younger so maybe him not caring about his appearance and his shity additude are the reasons he’s not pounding vagene.

I would have slammed this manlet too if he talked to me that way but I wouldn’t slam him for berating whores.

The manlet was talking shit and daring the white knight to “do something” with his little mob-goon tough guy act.

Lesser people (and this especially includes women) shouldn’t have the ability to insult their betters without fear of physical consequences. It’s not natural.