Loveland High School student suspended after Safe2Tell tip even though police cleared him from his shooting range trip with ... mom

Your employer is not the government and there is no constitutionally protected right to any job.

What is wrong with the school not allowing him to plck up the school work he missed to get it done and instead said he he could do it later. What consideration for his education. The police had completed their investigation.What was there to investigate ???
All this because probably a Leftist influential person had a hissy fit over the video.

He did absolutely nothing wrong. I’m just saying that the students at a school that has been devastated in the past by a mass shooting are likely to be quite sensitive to any posting by a fellow student concerning his own personal guns and the shooting of them.

In that light, I think his posting was unwise…but certainly not illegal.

I’ve heard of students being sent home from school for pretending to “shoot” someone with their pointed finger…and this where no real shootings had occurred. It was “zero-tolerance” carried to an extreme.

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The school had every right and it was duty bound to investigate the snap chat where nothing was said just some weird sounds coming from the post of hand guns and a long gun .
They worked on the side of safety and should be congregated on a job well done .

They had no right to suspend him when no violation was even reported and certainly had none after the kid had been cleared by police.

It was their duty to suspend him to protect the other students and teachers until the school investigated the report . To many times in the past administrators have done nothing and kids got slaughtered and the left blamed the guns / NRA and we said the authorities ignored all the warning signs . Can’t have it both ways .

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BS, he broke no rule, there was never any threat or violation of rules.

His violation was posting a video of the guns they were taking to the mountains.So some LIBERAL SNOTNOSE , probably a pro gun CONFISCATION supporter, cries wolf and creates an unnecessary messy situation for Nate. I hope they’re proud of themself. What warning sign was here, a day in the mointains!!! This RAT should be hit across the back of head. Honestly, they should make a written apology in the local paper and a public one on local TV at the very least.

No bullshit he posted a video of firearms and odd sounds nothing more . Something a halfwit would do or a mass murder .
The police and the school did a good job .

Horse hockey, he posted photos of his outing at a range. There was nothing the least bit alarming or threatening at all in his posts and no violation of any law or school policy.

Anyone who found that post to be in any way threatening needs to seek professional help.

You do realize a school is well within its rights to suspend a pupil when there is an allegation or a suspicion that the pupil somehow or in some way violated a school policy.

I suppose your extensive experience with schools gives you a unique insight. Oh right you don’t have kids but we know that wont stop you acting like a world authority.

You go all over this board acting like the final arbiter on every subject under the sun but we all know your only skill is searching google.

What rule did he break? What threat did he post?

I have a big problem with punishment without proof or due process.

Colorado has lost all sense of perspective.

A once right leaning centrist state has become a leftist hellhole.

Just on of the examples pf how the left has changed the state.

The new red flag law.
The passage of the popular vote act.
Legal POT.
They tries legalizing magic mushrooms.

There is no limit to the stupidity of the Colorado populace.

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The reasult of the great California exodus. They are turning Colorado into exactly what they left.

And that is one of the many reasons I’m leaving the state.

I dont know - Ask the school. I dont know the schools policies or guidelines.

This is what I saw no range time just this snap chat .

Progressivism and nitwittery go hand in hand.

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What exactly is so threatening about a kid excited about a trip to the range showing off the guns they’ll be shooting?

What is the threat? What school rule or policy was violated?

There is no explanation just weird sounds ! Better to be safe then sorry .