Loveland High School student suspended after Safe2Tell tip even though police cleared him from his shooting range trip with ... mom

Real danger here, a mommy boy. Take his guns and reputation away, folks. And send in Antifa to teach him a real lesson that real men dont need gun to be real men, just black masks and fast-curing cement mixes.

A Loveland mom is taking issue with Loveland High School protocols after son was flagged in a Safe2Tell tip on Tuesday.

Justine Myers’ son, a junior, was barred from class Wednesday after a Safe2Tell tip came in about a video he posted on Snapchat.

Myers said she picked up her son, Nate, 16, early from school Tuesday to go shooting at the range for some mother-son bonding. Before they left, Nate posted a video on Snapchat showcasing some of the guns. The two drove up to the mountains and were out of cell range for a while.

When they came back down, Myers said, she had several missed calls, texts and voicemails from her ex-husband. The police had shown up at his house, asking for Nate.

Someone had reported the Snapchat video to the Safe2Tell hotline.

Myers said her ex-husband and Nate’s sister explained to police where he was and what he was doing, and, Myers said, police agreed it was a misunderstanding.

“By the time we got home, we thought it was completely done,” Myers said. “Wednesday morning came and I received a voicemail saying my son was not allowed to be on school campus.”

Myers said she tried to explain that police had cleared him, but the school told her it had to follow protocol.

Thompson School District spokesperson Michael Hausmann wrote in an email that the district couldn’t comment on specific cases, but he did issue a statement.

“The safety and security of our students, staff and visitors is always our number-one priority. When safety-related incidents arise, we must take them seriously and we have gone to great lengths to train our staff and develop appropriate procedures,” Hausmann wrote.

Adding to the frustration, Nate wasn’t even to quickly obtain the school work he’d be missing, Myers said. Nate called the school to see if he could get it, but the school told him he’d just have to get it done later.

Myers and Nate attended a hearing on Thursday with district officials.

“We walked in and they had his school work,” Myers said. “The hearing was scheduled for an hour, but it lasted about five minutes.”

They warned Nate about posting things on social media, Myers said.

Then, she said, school officials told him he could go back to class.

Myers said she understands threats need to be taken seriously and she’s glad programs like Safe2Tell exist. But she said she’s frustrated that her son still had to miss school when police deemed he wasn’t a threat.

“It should have been squashed Tuesday night,” Myers said.

Myers said at the hearing, district officials didn’t ask any additional questions and didn’t indicate there was any further investigation into her son’s case.

In the email, Hausmann said he couldn’t go into detail on the exact protocols the school followed.

But according to the Safe2Tell website, the investigations process includes a team of adults taking the information in the report to investigate the concern and situation.

The Coloradoan reached out to Poudre School District to see how the protocols matched up.

Spokesperson Alicia Stice wrote in an email that the district couldn’t comment on hypotheticals or this specific case, but she did offer some insight on how Safe2Tell tips are handled in PSD.

“PSD takes all Safe2Tell reports seriously. Once a Safe2Tell report is received, it is immediately forwarded to a designated team which includes school administrators, law enforcement and PSD Security personnel,” Stice wrote. “The report is investigated, and appropriate law enforcement or school disciplinary action is taken if necessary.”

I hope she sues them into bankruptcy.

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What is the issue?

The police investigated and cleared it up. The school did a separate investigation and cleared it up.

The school is perfectly entitled to suspend a student while they investigate an issue. Their process is obviously all over the place but cannot see what the parents would sue for.

Maybe TWR could represent them because he seems to be an expert on talking bullshit.


The issue is everything that they don’t agree with magically makes these little ■■■■■■■ feel unsafe. They are purposefully using the rules of a totally fucked up system to target in harass people.


The other issue is firearm ownership is a constitutionally protected right and it shouldn’t result in an investigation from the police or the school. That’s bullshit and the constitutional rights of this family were violated.


I bet there wouldn’t have been a stink if a female student posted a trip to an abortion clinic. FUCKING HYPOCRISY. Thank God I grew up in a relatively sane America.


They probably would have celebrated that…the disgusting degenerates that they are.

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The school didn’t have a reason to keep him out of school since the police investigated the report and found it a misunderstanding.
These Liberals keep extending their control into every part of ones life.Anything wrong with mother son bonding???
There wouldn’t be a fuss if he was some “Gender Confused” student or went to doctor about becoming Transsexual.

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Sad as it is I don’t see that the school had any leeway in this .
The police investigated and the school investigated and the young man is back in school .
To many times in the past authorities did nothing and the results were deadly .
It took time all’s well that ends well .

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When it comes to guns the Left in this country reminds me of the residents of South Park running from Global Warming.

The old idea that legal activities shouldn’t be suspicious means nothing to the politically correct hand wringers.

A safe bet for any school student, but especially for those in schools that have been mass shooting scenes is to never post anything about having or shooting guns.

Explain how the school was not entitled to conduct their own investigation?

You can break the rules of your employer and school for things that the police have no interest in.

I am allowed to post on twitter disparaging remarks about my employer but my employer is entitled to fire me for engaging in a legal activity.

Ah, but the student was reported.

Also, it’s better to offend leftwingers than to get along with them.

Better to be a Deplorable, be seen as a Deplorable, and to be hated as a Deplorable.

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Ah, I see I should have been clearer and emphasized that the standard I mentioned was one that applied to government and its police powers. You know, like a school. My bad.

Also, employers firing people for bad mouthing them was a thing before Twitter. All things like Twitter did was make it easier for them to find out after the fact.

The student would not have been reported had he not posted something about guns.

Again, going back to my earlier post: nothing he did was illegal and therefore nothing that should have been considered legally suspicious by any school official.

As for upsetting those terrified by guns … let’s upset them more!

And in doing so he did what wrong ?
Everything he and his mom did was legal the police said so .
The school did what they had to do under the circumstances .
There is a lesson here unless you want a knock on the door don’t post anything about firearms .

The school had no grounds to suspend him to begin with. He broke no “rules” and school policies cannot deny someone their constitutionally protected rights.